Specialty Store Industry 2010

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148,000 yen ($1,355.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
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Specialty stores

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DIY hardware stores, drug stores, 100 yen shops, one-price shops, secondhand shops, discount stores, dedicated catalog sales companies (post mail, TV, online), outlet mall

Research Content:

Chapter I: Market Overview and Trends
1. Positioning of specialty stores in the retail industry
2. Competitions in the specialty store market
3. Growth driving large specialty store companies
4. Industries and enterprises which are driving the growth of the specialty store market 
Chapter II: Specialty Store Launch Strategies
1. Current and future
2.  Influence of expansion of online sales
3.  Advancement of foreign capital companies into Japan, and Japanese companies into the overseas market
Chapter III: Market Trends by Type of Operation
1. DIY hardware store
2. Drug store
3. 100 yen shop, one-price shop
4. Secondhand shop
5. Discount store
6. Dedicated catalog sales company (post mail, TV, online)
7. Outlet mall
Chapter IV: Market Trends by Industry
1. Apparel
2. Book, CD, DVD, software
3. Hobby, leisure, sports
4. Home appliance, personal computer, furniture, stationery, daily commodity
5. Jewelry, glasses, bag, cosmetics, accessory, gift
6. Food, beverage
Chapter V: Company Profile
Location, foundation, capital fund, major stockholders, number of employees, sales composition, suppliers, revenue, operating profit, ordinary profit, net profit, number of outlets, new stores, sales floor space, etc. for the companies in 62 markets in 7 categories.



written in Japanese
148,000 yen ($1,355.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)