Electronics Volume Retailers Market 2010

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Electronics volulme retail industry

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Electronics volume retailers

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I.      Trend of the electronics retail market led by the electronics volume retailers
1.         Market size and share transition
2.         Latest trend and future forecast
3.         Current status and transition of the electronics retail by type of business
II.      Industry restructuring and market share transition
1.         M&A, corporate revitalization support: history and future prospects
2.         Size of the group and competitiveness
3.         Competitive status by type of store
4.         Competition in franchise business
III.   Trend of consumption in deflation, and eco-point system
1.         Trend of consumption on electronics appliances and specialty store market
2.         Monthly turnover of the volume retailers, and turnover transition
3.         Product sales amount transition of leading electronics volume retailers
IV.    Product development: new eye-catcher products being introduced one after another
1.         Market trend and electronics specialty stores
2.         Electronics and PC related service industry
V.       Rapidly growing electronics online sales
1.         Online electronics retail market and electronics specialty stores
2.         Mail-order sales and related market
VI.      Individual profiles and trend of leading 8 enterprises
VII.   Business performance status of the small to mid-size specialty stores



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128,000 yen ($1,189.59)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107.6 yen , 2020/04/01 Japan)