Children Marketing Almanac 2010

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110,000 yen ($1,022.30)
(excluding consumption tax)
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Coverage: (Product/service)

Goods and services targeted for children

Research Target:

Manufacturers/suppliers, service providers and questionnaire survey to mothers of toddlers

Research Content:


I.            Overview
1.       Trends in the children targeting businesses, including market size transition, products and services, strategies by type of business
2.       Market environment
II.             Overview of the children targeting businesses in China
1.       Market environment in China
2.       Comparison of child-raising between China and Japan
III.          Strategies of major enterprises in the market (17 firms)
IV.          Trend of children targeting businesses and related market (including market trend and market size transition)
1.       Entertainment and leisure, including toys, video games, books & magazines, video and DVDs, sporting goods, kid's/family movies, amusement parks, game arcades
2.       Educational services & products, including cram schools, private kindergartens, early childhood education, private lower secondary schools, English conversation classes, after-school lessons, correspondence learning, study aids, stationeries, desks and chairs, school bags
3.        Foods, including formulated milk, baby foods, snacks and desserts
4.       Apparel and other personal products, including baby/kids clothes, school uniforms, baby/kids shoes, glasses and contact lenses for children
5.       Household products, including diapers, baby buggies/strollers, crib/baby beddings, child-car seats, other children products, bicycles & tricycles for children
6.       Services for children, including nursing schools, baby sitting, photo studios, beauty salons, sports lessons/club teams, rental/recycle services, mobile phones, protection/security products/services
V.             Questionnaire survey addressed to the mothers of toddlers
1.       Survey outline
2.       Questionnaire survey findings
VI.          List of the enterprises in the child related businesses
1.       Toys, games, amusement
2.       Educational services and products
3.       Apparel makers, retailers
4.       Baby products, nursing and other services for children
5.       Character goods, mail-order sales, etc.


written in Japanese
110,000 yen ($1,022.30)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107.6 yen , 2020/04/01 Japan)