Online Reward Point Programs Market 2010

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Points awarded for online services

Research Target:

Web based point service providers, point program perators

Research Content:

Latest trend in point award programs for online shopping, memberships, and other promotional purposes.


Chapter 1. Market overview
1. Trends in online point programs and point malls
Online point providers
Point programs by credit card issuers
Point programs of membership online malls
2. Interactivity among online and brics and mortar retailing
3. Future prospects of point programs and point malls
4. Market size development and forecasted to 2012
Chapter 2.  Point programs providers and point service operators
1. Categorization of point services
[table] Online point programs categorized
2. Major point program providers at a glance by category
      Online shopping (e-commerce) sites
        [table] e-commerce sites with point programs 
      Online consumer surveys sites
        [table] online consumer survey panels with point programs
      Q&A sites
        [table] Q&A sites with point award programs
      Online games
        [table] online game providers with point programs
Chapter 3. Trends in point programs and point malls
1. Classification of online point servicesChapter 4. Market environment of point programs
        [table] Point program services classified 
2. Major players and provided point programs
        [table] Major players and their point award targets 
3. Business models in point programs illustrated
        [illustration] Business models of major point programs 
4. Trends in point program services
     1) Point malls/point sites business model trends
        [table] business models of major point service providers
     2) Purpose of point malls and impact of the service
        [table] purposes and impacts by point malls
     3) Advertising and promotions to attract program users
        [table] advertising/promotion methods of point programs
     4) Strategies in point programs
        [table] approaches for improvement in consumer loyalty and user activity
     5) Challenges and solutions for growth
        [table] challenges and solutions for growth
     6) Focus in the future
        [table] future focuses
     7) Future prospects on overall point program market
 Company profile of major point service site operators including Aeon Credit Service, NetMile, EC Navi, PeX, and other 12 operators.
Chapter 4. Market environment of point programs and point malls

      1) Attitude of point awarding companies

1. Market trends in point card/point service market trends 
           Redemption of points
           Exchange into e-money
           Evaluation toward the effect of point program   
      2) Point card holders usage and attitude
           Point card possessions
           Interests toward point programs
           Number of point cards changes from the previous year
           Attitudes and experiences on points transferable among several sites
           Frequency of point redemption
           Consumption behavior affected by point programs
2. Trends in e-money
      1) Major e-money outlook 
           [table] Major e-money
           [table] IC cards from railroad companies
      2) Major operators of e-money
           [table] major e-money and operators
      3) Credit card market
           [table] point programs provided by credit card issuers
      4) Regulation and consumer protections on point programs
           Accounting treatment
           Legislations for consumer protection



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150,000 yen ($1,394.05)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107.6 yen , 2020/04/01 Japan)