Private Label Apparel Market 2011

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128,000 yen ($1,189.59)
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256,000 yen ($2,379.18)
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384,000 yen ($3,568.77)
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SPA Industry (Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel)

Research Target:

SPA-oriented apparel retailers

Research Content:

I        Trend of SPA(specialty store retailers of private label apparel) market
1.      Trend of SPA-type enterprises that lead retail market
2.      Size of entire apparel retail market and size of SPA market
II      Trend and characteristics of the SPA-type enterprises
1.      SPA market formed by apparel-specialty stores
2.      Strategies on SPA by comprehensive apparel makers
3.      Growth of SPA-type, inner-wear and leg-wear enterprises
4.      Various non-apparel, specialty-stores that are leading the industry using SPA business models
5.      Case study of PB business by Ion and Ito Yokado using a SPA model
6.      Case study of Nihonwasou that introduced a new business model as sales broker by innovative distribution system
7.      Function and positioning of general and specialized trading companies within SPA market
III     Trend of strategies on opening SPA-type stores by each channel
1.      Transition of strategies and location of opening stores
2.      Intensifying competition among department stores
3.      Trend of station buildings and so-called “fashion buildings”
4.      Store development within shopping areas of railway stations
5.      Store opening at highway service areas and at airports
6.      Trend of store opening by major SPA-type enterprises
7.      Current status and development of outlet malls
IV      Online sales by apparel market
1.      Online sales by apparel retailers
2.      Business trend of companies specialized in online sales, where many SPA-type companies participate
3.      Trend of online sales by apparel related companies and increase of shopping site directly owned by apparel stores
4.      Consumer-participating events and EC-linked events
V       M&A strategies focused on SPA-type enterprises
1.      M&A and its characteristics by SPA-type enterprises in 2010-2011
2.      Backgrounds behind M&A, integration, and mergers in SPA industry
3.      Trend of closed-door shares in MBO within listed companies
VI      Strategies of global SPA-type enterprises
1.      Current status of apparel retail market around the world and strategies on SPA-type businesses
2.      Accelerating penetration by global SPA-type companies to Asian market
3.      global penetration by Japanese SPA–type companies
VII    Case studies of leading SPA-type enterprises
VIII   Individual profiles of nationwide, SPA-type enterprises
XI      Related data and information


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128,000 yen ($1,189.59)
(excluding consumption tax)
256,000 yen ($2,379.18)
(excluding consumption tax)
384,000 yen ($3,568.77)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107.6 yen , 2020/04/01 Japan)