Existing Home Market 2011

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Housing, existing homes, real estate, home renovation, resale of houses, housing stocks, vacant homes, housing transactions, rented accomodation, real estate developing, securitization of real estate

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Housing companies, developers, housing construction companies

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I        Trends and outlook of existing home (resale housing) market
1. Changes in market environment of existing homes
2. Structure of existing home market
3. Trends of demand for existing homes
4. Trends of existing home prices
5. Trends and outlook of existing home market after the Great East Japan Earthquake
II      Outlook and strategies for market of reselling/renovating existing homes
1. Recent trends in the industry
2. Trends in the major players of the market
3. Estimated market size
4. Marketability and key points for revival and sales of existing homes
5. Business strategies by the major enterprises
III     Analysis on vacant homes
1. Changes in market environment regarding vacant homes
2. Transition and challenges of vacant home market
3. Summarized results of research on vacant homes
IV     Outlook and business strategies on housing transaction market
1. Recent trends of the industry
2. Current utilization status of the designated organizations of housing transaction
3. Market size of agency for buying and selling of homes
4. Market size of letting agency
5. Sales ranking and market shares of major companies
6. Trends in real estate transaction market in areas around Tokyo
7. Challenges of existing home transaction market
V       Outlook and business strategies on housing stock market
1. Potential of housing stock business
2. Trends of large developers and real estate companies
3. Trends in condominium management market
4. Trends in rented accommodation management market
5. Trends in construction of rented accommodation market
6. Trends in home renovation market
7. Trends in auction market
8. Current status and future outlook on securitization of real estate
VI     Research on needs of existing homes
1. Analysis of demand found from consumers who bought existing homes
2. Consumer activities on real estate transactions
3. Customer satisfaction research regarding stock housing

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100,000 yen ($920.98)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)