Distribution and Retailing Industry 2012

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China , Global , Japan


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Distribution and Retailing Industry

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GMS, supermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, internet/catalog/mail order companies, drugstores, hardware stores,specialty stores and chains, SC/outlets/station buildings/SA/airports, co-ops, wholesalers, trading companies, overseas retail companies

Research Content:

Part 1   Overview
I        Distribution and Retailing Industry from 2011 to 12
1. Distribution and retailing market 2011-12
2. Structure of 130-trillion-yen distribution and retailing market
3. Business strategies and restructuring at leading companies to cope with stagnant consumption
II      Influence since Regulations of Business Development and Location for Large Retailers have been in Effect
1. Changes in the retailing business since the establishment of regulations for large retailers on business development and location
2. Retailing business and retailers in deflationary economy
3. 10-year comparison of market trends by industry
III     Trends in Consumption, Fusion of Mail Order and Service Industries
1. Expenditure rates from consumption-related statistics
2. Increasing services, mail order expenditures, influences on retailers
3. Strategies on services at shopping centers and convenience stores
IV     Asian and Global Market and Global Mega Chains
1. Trends in overseas retail market and foreign retailers entering Japanese market
2. Trends in foreign-affiliated retailing businesses at Japanese Market
3. Trends in Chinese economy and accelerating retailing business to Chinese market
4. Chinese EC market and Japanese companies
Part 2 Market Trends by Business Category
I        GMS (General Merchandise Stores)
1. Transition and latest trends in GMS Market 2012
2. Restructuring of GMS-centered distribution and retailing market
3. Trends in local GMS market
4. Trends in leading GMS companies
II      Supermarkets
1. Supermarket in 2011 and 2012
2. Group structures in supermarket industry
3. Trends in supermarkets by area
4. Leading supermarkets on business performance, store development, future perspectives
III     Department stores (DP)
1. Current market and transition
2. Trends in grouped leading department stores
3. New stores and station building development by DP
4. Case Studies of leading department stores
5. Current status on local department stores
IV     Convenience Stores (CVS)
1. Top three convenience stores are competing in 2012
2. New business styles to survive and M&A trends
3. Store and competitive status of CVS by region
4. Trends in overseas business developments by leading CVS
5. Trends in leading CVS
V       Market of Mail Orders, Internet and Catalog Shopping
1. Current status and trends in mail order market from 2011 to 2012
2. Trends in mail order market by media (catalog, TV, internet)
3.           Trends in internet retailing business
4. Future outlook on mail order market
VI     Drugstores
1. Current status and trends in drugstores
2. Market entrance by companies outside the industry and strategies of existing drugstores triggered by revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act
3. Industrial Restructuring by drugstores
4. Drugstores’ dispensing business and compound business development
5. Trends in leading drugstores
VII    Hardware Stores (home improvement stores or DIY stores)
1. Current status and transition of hardware store market in 2012
2. Restructuring and grouping of hardware stores
3. New market opportunities and business efforts in restoration market
4. Trends in leading hardware stores
Sales of leading hardware stores (top 20)
VIII Specialty stores, franchise chains
1. Entire distribution and retailing market and specialty store market
2. Specialty chain market across industries
3. Market share in sales of specialty store chains by industry
4. Future outlook on specialty stores and retailing stores
IX     SC, Outlets, StationBuildings, SA, Airports
1. Current status and transition of shopping center market
2. Characteristics and trends of shopping centers by type
3. Station buildings and “Stores within a station”
4. New location of shopping centers
5.           Trends in shopping center development companies
X       Consumer cooperative (Co-op)
1. Current status of consumer cooperative and trends in retail (supplier) business
2. Trends in door-to-door delivery business which has been on the growth path
3.           Competition among the leading co-op, Consumers’ Cooperative Union Group and Leading retailers
XI     Wholesalers, Trading Companies
1. Size and structures of intermediate distribution market
2. Distribution market by product
3. Restructuring of wholesalers and changes in retailing comanies
Reference Materials
Number of stores by prefecture
GMS, shopping center, CVS, drugstores, hardware stores
 Sales ranking among retail companies


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128,000 yen ($1,172.70)
(excluding consumption tax)
256,000 yen ($2,345.40)
(excluding consumption tax)
384,000 yen ($3,518.09)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)