Catalog and Mail Order Industry 2012

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100,000 yen ($910.91)(excluding consumption tax)
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Catalog and mail order business, online shopping

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Companies engaged in mail-order retailing, catalog sales, TV shopping, online sales businesses

Research Content:

I      Current Status of Mail-Order Business Market
Trends in Mail-Order Business Market in 2011-2012
1    Transition of Size/ Trends in Mail-Order Business
2    Mail-Order Business Conditions
n        Rate of mail-order usage
n        Advertising medium
n        Purchased product
n        Number of times used
n        Purchased amount
n        Payment method
n        Reason for using mail-orders
3.   Trends in Four Enterprises Engaged in Mail-Order Sales Business
4.   Department Stores’ Mail-Order Business
5.   Airline Companies’ Mail-Order Business
6.   Overseas Mail-Order Business
7.   Overall Market Trends by Media
II     Market Trends in Catalog Sales/TV-Shopping
Trends in Catalog Sales Market:
1.       Business Trends
2.       Business Strategies by Company
Trends in TV Shopping Market
1.   Market Trends and Business Conditions
2.   Major TV Companies’ TV Shopping Business
3.   Trends in Two TV Companies engaged in TV Shopping (QVC Japan, Jupiter Shop Channel)
4.   Trends in Market Players (Japanet Takata, Oaklawn Marketing)
III   Trends in Internet Channel/EC Market
1.   Popularization of Shopping through Internet and Internet Usage by Terminal
2.   Current Status on E-Commerce Usage and Purchase Activities, Trends in B to C, etc.
IV    Market trends by product
1.   Clothing in general
2.   Inner wear
3.   Baby goods
4.   Jewelries/watches
5.   Cosmetics
6.   Health food products
7.   Foods
8.   Furniture
9.   PCs/Home electrical appliances
10. Stationeries
V      Profiles and Business Status of Leading Companies in Mail-Order Business
Detailed Profiles: 48 companies
Simple Profiles: 59 companies

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100,000 yen ($910.91)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.78 yen , 2020/02/17 Japan)