Private Label Apparel Market 2012-2013

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148,000 yen ($1,355.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
296,000 yen ($2,711.86)
(excluding consumption tax)
444,000 yen ($4,067.80)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)

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SPA Industry (Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel)

Research Target:

SPA-oriented apparel retailers

Research Content:

I      Trends in SPA (Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel) market
1.       Trends in SPA-Type Enterprises Leading Retail Market
2.       Size of SPA-Type Apparel Market
II     Trends and Characteristics of SPA-Type Enterprises
1.       SPA Market Formed by Apparel-Specialty Stores
2.       Apparel-Specialty Stores Market by Category
1   Jeans Casual & Select Shop-Type Apparel
2   Women’s Apparel
3   Men’s Apparel
4   Babies& Children’s Apparel
5   Innerwear and Leg Wear
6   SPA-Type Enterprises Specialized in Individual Products (Shirts, Bottoms, etc.)
3.       Strategies on SPA by General Apparel Makers
4.       Various Non-Apparel, Specialty-Stores Leading the Industry using SPA Business Models
1   SPA Market Formed by Non-Apparel-Specialty Stores
2   SPA-Type Enterprises Handling Furniture/Household Goods
3   SPA-Type Enterprises Handling Shoes
4)   SPA-Type Enterprises Handling Glasses and Eye Wears
5)   100-Yen Shops
6)   Bicycle Shops
5.       Enhanced PB Apparel Business by Mass Merchandisers
6.       Function and Positioning of General and Specialized Trading Companies within SPA Market
III   Trends in Opening SPA-Type Stores by Channel
1.       Transition of Strategies and Locations of Opening Stores
2.       Trends in Opening Specialty Stores (Changes in Location from Suburban SCs to Urban Shops)
3.       Structural Reforms in Department Stores
4.       Trends in Station Buildings and in “Fashion Buildings”
5.       Current Traffic Markets (i.e. Stores within/underground of Railway Stations, at Airports, at Service Areas and Parking Areas)
6.       Trends in Store Opening by Apparel Specialty Stores
7.       Current Status and Development of Outlet Malls
IV    Online Apparel Markets
1.       Online Stores as a Channel of Apparel Retailers
2.       Trends in Companies Specialized in Online Apparel Sales
3.       Trends in In-House Online Shopping Site Operated Directly by Apparel Retailers
4.       Transition and Trends in Online Sales of Major Four SPA-Type Enterprises (Uniqlo, Muji, Point, United Arrows)
5.       Consumer-participating events and EC-linked events
V      M&A Strategies Focused on SPA-Type Enterprises
1.       M&A and its Characteristics by SPA-Type Enterprises in 2011-2012
2.       M&A, Business Transfers, Investments in Fashion Business Industry
3.       Case Studies of M&A, Integration, and Mergers in 2011-2012
VI    Strategies of Global SPA-Type Enterprises and Globalization
1.       Current status of World-Wide Apparel Retail Market and Strategies of SPA-Type Businesses
2.       Case Studies of Leading SPA-Type Enterprises in U.S. (GAP, Abercrombie & Fitch,  AMERICAN EAGLE OUTFITTERS)
3.       Case Studies of Leading SPA-Type Enterprises in European Countries (H&M, INDITEX Group)
4.       Accelerating Penetration by Global SPA-Type Companies to Asian Market (To Japan and to China)
5.       Global Penetration by Japanese SPA– Type Companies


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148,000 yen ($1,355.93)
(excluding consumption tax)
296,000 yen ($2,711.86)
(excluding consumption tax)
444,000 yen ($4,067.80)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)