Pharmacy Business for Future2012

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Pharmacies and dispensing chemists

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pharmacies and dispensing chemists

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I     Current Status of and Direction of Changes for Pharmacies
Future of Pharmacies
n    Changes in environment surrounding the industry
n    Innovation of dispensing pharmacies
n    Dilemma of pharmacy business
n    Challenges of rising consumption taxes  
n    Influence of pursuing adequacy to drug costs
n    Medical policy currently supports separation of dispensing from medical practice, but dispensing and medical practice should be interactive with each other
Current Pharmacy Business and Dispensing Chemists
n    Current pharmacies are not fully functional
n    Large pharmacy chains are integrating small-to-midsize pharmacies
n    Dispensing chemists are becoming just another business persons
n    What lacks in a current chemist as a healthcare professional
n    OTC in a pharmacy business
Challenges of Pharmacies and Dispensing Chemists against New Systems
n    New goals that are set for generic drugs
How Do Pharmacies Adapt to Increase of Home Care Services?
n    Community based services
n    Some pharmacies and dispensing chemists failing to keep up with community-based general care systems  
Expansion of Pharmacy
n    Switch from increase in numbers to expansion in size
n    Improved service quality by building firm backyards
n    Building of income base not relying too much on dispensing
n    Number of pharmacies is now the same level as primary schools or post offices
To Live with Local Community
n    Key for sustainable management is to heighten its presence in the community
n    Pharmacy business that reflects local issues
II Business Managers of Pharmacies Looking to Future
Yasunori Iijima (CEO of Iijima Pharmacy)
n    Listen carefully to every patient
n    In order to survive, improvement of services for patients is important
n    No special confusion in generic prescribing
n    We are planning to place a day-care center within a pharmacy, where chemists with their children can work at, with their children nearby
n    The goal is to increase sales of the existing pharmacies
n    Current challenges are improvement in communication
Kenji Furuya (CEO of Holon Co., Ltd., Suzuran Pharmacy Group) 
n    “We want to be a pharmacy that is gentle and friendly with everyone”
n    We do everything we can in home care
n    If we go out to the patients’ place, we can secure patients without increasing the number of clinics
n    Generic prescription is increasing
n    Chemists are required to be gentle and kind
n    Basically we would like to respond to any requests
Shinichi Yamamura (CEO of Primary Pharmacy, Chairman of Alliance of Pharmacy Executives)
n    A pharmacy is the infrastructure of supplying medical products
n    Pharmacies should cope adequately with changes in the needs of local people
n    Lack of providing information on side effects stems from separation of dispensing from medical practice. Such information should be provided by pharmacies and chemists
n    Community-based approach is what is indispensable for pharmacies
n    Future pharmacies may gradually be disadvantageous business
III Pharmacies Coping with Changes (Case Studies)
Iijima Pharmacy (UedaCity in NaganoPrefecture)
n    Survive as a community-based pharmacy
Kawada Pharmacy (Shinjuku in Tokyo)
n    Aiming to be patient-oriented pharmacy
Soto Pharmacy at Tsukiguma Mall (FukuokaCity in FukuokaPrefecture)
n    A pharmacy at a medical mall that takes advantages of being local and its spaciousness
Nakajima Pharmacy at Nishi 23 jo (ObihiroCity in Hokkaido)
n    Considering privacy and effect of healing
Pharmacy Takegahana (FukuyamaCity in HiroshimaPrefecture)
n    A patient-oriented pharmacy
Bohsei Tsukiji Pharmacy (Chuoku in Tokyo)
n    Large pharmacy always aiming for being the top level
IV   Cloud Computing Boosts Upscale Pharmacies
Cloud is the ICT Innovation for Pharmacies
n    Pharmacies have already been using cloud computing
n    A service to share prescription record of a patient enhances trust between a patient and a chemist
n    Case study of pharmacies that have installed clouds
V    Questionnaire to Dispensing Chemists


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100,000 yen ($929.37)
(excluding consumption tax)
200,000 yen ($1,858.74)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,788.10)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107.6 yen , 2020/04/01 Japan)