Retail Market in Indonesia 2012

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Retail Market in Indonesia

Research Target:

Literature research on statistics of Indonesia, Indonesian department stores, hyper markets, super markets, mini markets/convenience stores, specialty stores, wholesalers, etc.

Research Content:

I       Trends and Prediction of Retail Market in Indonesia
1.   Trends and Estimation of Entire Indonesian Market
2.   Trends and Estimation of Supermarket (Food market, mini market) and Convenience Stores
3.   Trends and Estimation of Department Stores
4.   Trends and Estimation of Shopping Centers
5.   Trends and Estimation of Pasar (Traditional Market)
1)   Pasar, Indonesian Traditional Market
2)   Challenges of Pasar
3)   Future Outlook of Pasar
4)   Pasars in Jakarta
5)   Sales Channels (Case Studies of Distributors for Food Makers)
6.   Trends in Government Policies, Laws and Regulations Affecting Retail Markets
1)   Laws and Regulations on Retail Business
2)   Retail Business Segments
3)   Regulations for Foreign Retailers to Enter Indonesian Market
4)   Regulations on Franchise Operation
5)   Outlook of Laws and Regulations
II     Growth Strategies of Leading Retailers
1.   PT.Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk.
2.   PT.Indomarco Prismatama
3.   PT.Hero Supermarket Tbk.
4.   PT.Matahari Department Store Tbk.
5.   PT.Ramayana Lestari Sentosa Tbk.
6.   PT.Modern Putra Indonesia
7.   PT.Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk.
8.   PT.Carrefour Indonesia
9.   PT.Circleka Indonesia Utama
10. PT.Lotte Shopping Indonesia
11. Lion Super Indo
III    Shopping Centers in Indonesia
1.   Shopping Center Segment Overview
2.   List of Leading Shopping Centers in Jakarta
3.   List of Leading Shopping Centers in Peripheral Jakarta
4.   Future Shopping Center Projects JABODETABEK(2012-2015)
5.   Leading Developers of Shopping Centers (9 companies)
Ref.             Case Studies of Shopping Mall Rents
IV     Market Size and Trends in JABODETABEK Area
1.   JABODETABEK Overview
3.   Population by Administrative Boundary and GDP per Capita
4.   Consumer Spending per Person per Month/Income Level (Jakarta)
5.   Consumer Spending per Month by Item (Jakarta)
6.   Composition Ratio of Population by Age by Region
1)   The Special Capital Region of Jakarta
2)   Bogor and other cities
7.   Transition of Number of Households and Number of Household Members
2)   The Special Capital Region of Jakarta
3)   Bogor and other cities
8.   Transition of CPI (Jakarta)
V      Opinions from Industrial Organizations
1.   Opinions from APRINDO (Indonesian Retailers Association)
2.   Opinions from APPBI (IndonesianShopping Center Association)
VI     Environment Surrounding Retail Market in Indonesia
1.   Transition of Population in Indonesia
2.   Transition of GDP and GDP per Capita
3.   Transition of Consumer Spending per Month
4.   Transition of Population of Middle Class
5.   Transition of Population by Age
6.   Transition of Number of Households
7.   Transition of CPI
VII   Business Opportunities for Japanese Companies to Succeed in Indonesian Retail Market
1.   Market Needs
2.   Potential Methods for Market Entrance
VIII List of Leading Retailers (123 enterprises)
n        15 Department Stores
n        4 Hyper Markets
n        13 Super Markets
n        7 Mini Markets/Convenience Stores
n        29 Specialty Stores
n        List of Leading Wholesalers (55 enterprises)


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190,000 yen ($1,765.80)
(excluding consumption tax)
380,000 yen ($3,531.60)
(excluding consumption tax)
570,000 yen ($5,297.40)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 107.6 yen , 2020/04/01 Japan)