Babies Marketing Almanac 2013

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100,000 yen ($916.17)
(excluding consumption tax)
200,000 yen ($1,832.34)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,748.51)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)

Coverage: (Product/service)

Baby products

Research Target:

Manufacturers or baby related products, service providers for raising babies

Research Content:

I       Trends in Babies Goods and Related Business
1.   Transition of Size of Babies Goods and Related Business Market
2.   Trends of Consumers in Baby's Market
1)    Consumer trends for babies-related products
2)    Transition of annual purchased amount of money spent by babies' mothers
3)    Purchasers of child-raising goods other than mothers
4)    Comparison between consumption of housewives and wives with careers
5)    Comparison between consumption of mothers of male babies and female babies
3.   Trends and Impacts of Male Parents' Participation in Child-Raising
1)    Actual state of male parents' participation in child-raising
2)    Percentage of workers taking child care leave by sex
3)    Impacts of male parents' participation in child-rasing to baby market
4.   Trends in Market Players of Babies Goods and Related Business
1)    Trends in leading babies goods and related business
2)    Questionnaire results addressed to market players
5.   Trends in Babies-Goods Distribution Market
1)    Mass merchandiser market
2)    Department stores/Supermarket
3)    Mail orders/Online markets
4)    Trends in manufacturers
6.   Market Environment surrounding Childbearing and Child-Raising
1)    Transition of domestic number of live births and trends
2)    Trends in marriage and pregnancy
3)    Transition and trends in number of babies
4)    Social background of childbearing and raising
II      Data on Market Players of Babies Goods and Related Business
1.   Detailed Data on Companies (13 enterprises)
2.   Company Profiles (33 enterprises)
III    Trends in Baby-Related Market by Category
1.   Childbearing/Child-Raising Goods
1)    Baby's bottles/nipples
2)    Dishes for babies
3)    Diapers
4)    Skincare goods
5)    Baby beds, goods for babies
6)    Prams/baby buggies
7)    Baby chairs, racks
8)    Child safety seats
2.   Foods for Babies
1)    Powdered milk
2)    Baby food
3.   Clothing and Related Goods for Babies
1)    Baby clothes
2)    Maternity wear
3)    Baby shoes
4.   Toys, Intellectual Training Goods and Information
1)    Magazines for baby raising
2)    Picture books, intellectual culture books
3)    Intellectual training toys, toys for toddlers/infants
5.   Related Services
1)    Maternity schools
2)    Nurseries, day-care centers for children
3)    Baby sitters
4)    Rental baby goods
IV     Questionnaire addressed to baby mothers
1.   Questionnaire overview
2.   Results
1)    Maternity products and services
2)    Goods to prepare for childbearing
3)    Presents for childbearing
4)    Child-raising goods
5)    Baby clothes
6)    Baby beds
7)    Prams, baby buggies
8)    Child safety seats
9)    Magazines/books for raising children, picture books
10) Services for raising children
11) Christmas in 2012
12) Products and services to wish for (free answers)
V      Babies Market Related Data
1.   Data of child birth by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
2.   List of Companies in Babies Goods Business
1)    Babies goods
2)    Paper diapers, skincare goods
3)    Powdered milk/baby food
4)    Babies clothes/shoes
5)    Toys for infants/toddlers
6)    Publications for infants/toddlers
7)    Nurseries, Daycare centers, Baby sitters
8)    Rental goods, recycled goods for Babies
9)    Character products
10) Distribution
11) Books (information publication for parents of babies, naming of babies)
12) Services to name babies
13) Schools for infants/toddlers
14) Family restaurants
15) Others
3.   List of Leading Website/Online Shopping for Baby Goods


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100,000 yen ($916.17)
(excluding consumption tax)
200,000 yen ($1,832.34)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,748.51)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)