Kimono Industry 2012-2013

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Kimono Industry

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Kimono Retailers, Wholesalers, Manufactures, and Companies in Production Districts

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I        Trends in Entire Kimono Market
 Long-term shrinking trends seems to be bottomed out finally. A sign of recovery is seen in the market.
1. Trends in Kimono retail market by channel from 2011 to 2012
2. Characteristics of consumption and usage of Kimono
3. The recent topics
II      Trends in Kimono Retailing Market
 Though the Great East Japan Earthquake slowed down the market temporarily, recovery tendency can be expected for the next fiscal term.
1. Current status of large Kimono specialty store chains
2. Status of opening new stores by leading Kimono specialty store chains
3. Size of special events held by leading Kimono specialty store chains have settled down to a certain level from the state of continue shrinking
4. Future plans and challenges
Topics: “Furisode Strategies”
Results of consumer online survey on whether or not to wear "Furisode" at coming-of-age ceremony
5. 17 detailed profiles of Kimono retailers
6. 28 brief profiles of Kimono retailers
7. A list of Kimono retailers and the turnover rankings
III     Trends in Kimono Wholesalers
 A key is whether it is time for the market to take offensive strategies or not.
1. Current status of the leading Kimono wholesalers
2. Sales structures and product policies
3. Promotional strategies
4. Future challenges and outlook
5. 9 detailed profiles of Kimono wholesalers
6. 41 brief profiles of Kimono wholesalers
7. A list of Kimono wholesalers and the turnover rankings
IV     Trends in Manufactures and Production Districts
 It may be better for manufacturers to be positive when they face risks.
l         Trends in the Kimono manufacturers and production districts
l         Detailed profiles of three Kimono manufacturers
l         Brief profiles of 50 Kimono and Kimono-related-goods manufacturers
l         A list of manufacturers/brokers and the turnover rankings
l         Nationwide Kimono turnover by district
V       Trends in Processing and Sewing of Kimono
Arousing a demand of traditional Kimono ordering
l         Trends in the industry regarding processing and sewing of Kimono
l         Brief profiles of 6 companies in the business of processing and sewing of Kimono

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100,000 yen ($910.91)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.78 yen , 2020/02/17 Japan)