Shopping Support Services Market (Online Super Market) 2013

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125,000 yen ($1,145.21)
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375,000 yen ($3,435.64)
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Online supermarket

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Companies in the business of online supermarket

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I       Environment surrounding Shopping Support Service Market
n          Talked about in TV shows from "Sakidori "@NHK, "Hanamaru Market" @ TBS, WBS@TV Tokyo almost everyday.
n          Combined social vulnerability.
n          Transition of number of "weak people” or “vulnerable people" who are in secluded, inconvenient areas for shopping or use transportation, and not wealthy enough to receive medical care (in 2008 and 2010), sources from METI.
II      Efforts by Relevant Ministries to Help the Weak and Vulnerable People
n          What efforts have been done at METI?
n          What is the emerging style of sales channel?
n          What are delivery services?
n          What approaches have been made by COOP?
n          What efforts have been underway by Mac Delivery?
n          What efforts have been done by "Seven Meals?"
n          What approaches have been made by Smart Kitchen?
n          What is the new approach taken by Family Mart?
n          What is online supermarket?
n          What are "real supermarket" and the "center"?
n          What are food vans?
n          What is a transportation service to the store?
n          What are convenient locations for stores?
n          FY2010 List of Businesses (to support shopping-vulnerable people) that gained subsidies to stimulate local economy.
n          What approaches are made by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries?
n          Analysis on the current status on how frequently or how conveniently accessing to foods by elderly
III    Trends in Online Supermarkets
n          Whereas supermarkets are in difficulties, convenience stores are showing stable growth.
n          The key for the success is comprehensive alignment with the local government and enhancement of PB.
n          Agreement by Aeon with the local government on contribution to local communities.
n          Transition of best-selling items at “Top Value” and “Seven Premium.”
n          What is the entity of online supermarket? How does it contribute to the society?
n          A list of online supermarket in the order of when they started.
n          Major online supermarket services by area.
n          Number of Ito Yokado and Aeon Retail stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area.
n          Yamato System Development.
n          A list of services provided by online supermarkets.
n          Real-supermarket type.
n          Center type.
n          Online supermarket service providers.
IV     Future of Online Supermarkets
n          The top market player is Ito Yokado.
n          The second comes Aeon Retail.
n          Transition of market size of online supermarkets.
n          What are the best 6 products that sold well through major online supermarket by area in 2012?


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125,000 yen ($1,145.21)
(excluding consumption tax)
250,000 yen ($2,290.43)
(excluding consumption tax)
375,000 yen ($3,435.64)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)