Senior Housing Market 2012

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Elderly housing, senior housing

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Housing companies, housing suppliers, developers, elderly housing operators

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I        Environmental changes and future demands in senior housing market
1. Categorization and ways to think about the elderly housing market
2. Environmental changes surrounding the senior housing market
3. Stock in senior housing
4. Current status of declining birthrate and aging population
5. Estimated population of elderly and number of households
6. Economic state of elderly
II      Market trends and overview of senior housings and facilities
1. Trends in the senior housings
2. Trends in the senior housings with growth potential
3. Business strategies by the market players
4. Demands in the senior housings
5. Trends in the nursing care service market
6. Future directions of senior housings
III     Demands of senior housing consumers
1. Current residential status of seniors
2. Current supporting conditions in the facilities for elderly
3. Demands in the seniors for residence
4. Notions in the seniors’ way of living
5. Seniors’ demands in changing places to live
6. Demands in the seniors
IV     Trends and views in private-pay nursing homes
1. Characteristics
2. Positioning
3. Transition of market size
4. Market trends
5. Status of management companies
6. Intention of residents at nursing homes
7. Business planning
V       Business strategies by major housing makers and facility management companies
1. Reason of market entering and current efforts for senior housings
2. Characteristics in business development
3. Strategies in product planning
4. Sales strategies
5. Current issues and challenges
6. Demands and directions of consumers
7. Focusing area for the future business development
8. Future market forecasts
IV     Company profiles
16 companies

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100,000 yen ($922.34)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.42 yen , 2019/10/19 Japan)