Cosmetic Industry 2012

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105,000 yen ($941.03)(excluding consumption tax)
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Cosmetic Industry

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Manufacturers, Distributors, Consumers

Research Content:

I.       Cosmetic market overview
1.       Japanese cosmetic market in fiscal 2011
2.       Future direction and prospects of cosmetic market
3.       Noteworthy trends in cosmetic market
4.       Trends in peripheral market
II.    Market trend by product category
1.       Cosmetic market by product category
2.       Skin-care market
3.       Make-up market
4.       Hair-care market
5.       Fragrance market
6.       Men’s cosmetic market
III.Market trend by distribution route
1.       Cosmetic market by distribution route
2.       Price-maintained merchandise
3.       Open distribution merchandise           
4.       Door-to-door sales merchandise
5.       Catalog sales merchandise
6.       Direct sales merchandise
7.       Business use merchandise
8.       Noteworthy channel (department store) and transition of market size (FY2007 - FY2011)
IV.   Consumer survey on cosmetic usage
1.   Skin type
2.   Troubles and worries about beauty/cosmetics
3.   Cosmetics purchased in a past year
4.   Expenditure on cosmetics
5.   Cosmetics that increased expenditure for the past year
6.   Place to buy cosmetics
7.   Reason why select the place to purchase cosmetics
8.   Place where frequency of purchasing cosmetics may increase in the future
9.   Time of day to buy cosmetics
10. Favorite makers or brands
11. Reason why currently using the particular brands of cosmetics
12. Methods to obtain information on cosmetics and beauty treatment
13. Required information on cosmetics
14. Interests for beauty treatment
15. Awareness of beauty treatment knowledge
16. Familiar ingredients,
17. face-to-face sales
18. Important factors in buying cosmetics
19. Influential factors to decide buying a cosmetic brand
20. Cosmetic-related items currently using
21. Cosmetic-related items to increase purchasing
22. Duration of brand loyalty,
23. Men’s use of cosmetics, etc.
V.      Marketing strategies of leading cosmetic manufacturers (52 companies)
VI.   Basic statistics and data

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105,000 yen ($941.03)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 111.58 yen , 2020/02/23 Japan)