Health and Ecology-Conscious Housing Market 2012

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Health and ecology-conscious housing market

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Housing manufacturers, building material suppliers, housing reform companies, etc

Research Content:

I      Environment surrounding Health and Ecology-Conscious Housing Market and Market Trends
1.   Changes in Environment surrounding Health and Ecology-Conscious Housing Market and New Wave
1)   New standards regarding energy-saving homes
2)   Current status of housing-related government policies
3)   Supportive measures regarding energy-saving housing
4)   Launching of subsidies regarding "Smart Houses"
5)   New supportive systems for "Zero-Energy" housing
6)   Energy-saving for rented accommodation
7)   Support for energy-saving condominiums
8)   Trends in green housing
9)   Future noteworthy business
2.   Demands for Ecology-Conscious Housing
1)   What performance/functions are placed importance in purchasing housing
2)   Factors of ecology-conscious housing selected
3)   Women are higher in eco-consciousness
4)   Increasing demands for photovoltaic generation
5)   Smart grid
3.   Trends in Peripheral Industries
1)   Sales of photovoltaic generation systems at electronics retail stores
2)   Retailers have begun selling ecology-conscious products by way of standalone style to packaged solution-style
3)   Auto manufacturers' idea of supplying electricity used in housing
4)   Launching of a Distributed Model Green Electricity Selling Market
II     Trends and Outlook of Health and Ecology-Conscious Housing
1.   New trends in Health and Ecology-Conscious Housing
2.   Health-Conscious Housing
3.   Next-Generation Ecology-Conscious Housing
4.   Smart Houses
5.   Environmentally Symbiotic Housing
6.   Ecology-Conscious Condominiums
III   Ecology-ConsciousBuilding Materials/Facilities Market
1.   Overview and Trends in Ecology-ConsciousBuilding Materials/Facilities Market
1)   Overview of health and ecology-conscious building materials
2)   Changes in energy-creation demands after the Great East Japan Earthquake
3)   Trends in photovoltaic generation systems market
4)   Evolution of services for monitoring consumed electricity
5)   Popularity of "Smart Meters"
6)   Trends in renewable energy areas
2.   Trends in Products of Ecology-ConsciousBuilding Materials/Facilities
1)   New products in ecology-conscious building materials/facilities   
2)   Trends for natural materials
3)   Development of HEMS
4)   Development of home-use batteries
5)   Development of home-use fuel cells
6)   Product trends of LED
3.   Business Strategies and Outlook for Market Players
1)   Product strategies of ecology-conscious building materials/accommodation facilities manufacturers
2)   Trends in market players in renewable-energy areas
3)   Sales strategies of photovoltaic-cell manufacturers
4)   Approaches of fuel cells manufacturers
5)   Market entries of Smart House-related equipments market
6)   Market players of Smart Grid Related business
IV    Health and Ecology-Conscious Renovation Market
1.   Trends in Health and Ecology-Conscious Renovation Market
1)   Overview of health and ecology-conscious renovation
2)   Flow of ecology-conscious renovation
3)   Ecology-conscious renovation using natural materials
4)   Clarified shielding performance from insolation
5)   Trends in eco-conscious renovation market
2.   Demands for Health and Ecology-Conscious Renovation
1)   Points in demands
2)  Needs for ecology-conscious renovation
3)   Energy-saving renovation to renovate heat-shielding
4)   Potential of ecology-conscious renovations that activates housing distribution market
3.   Strategies of Health and Ecology-Conscious Renovation Business
1)   Renovation business for house makers
2)   Energy-saving renovation business for accommodation facilities manufacturers
3)   Product development in ecology-conscious renovation
4)   Business strategies for heat-shielding renovation
5)   Relocation strategies by house makers
V      Business Strategies by Leading House Makers
1.   Approaches to Health and Ecology-Conscious Housing Business
2.   Ecology Proposals by House Makers
3.   Product Planning and Product Strategies
4.   Sales Strategies
5.   Challenges and Problems of Ecology-Conscious Homes
6.   Future Noteworthy Areas and Business Strategies towards Green Business
7.   Future Market Outlook
VI    Case Studies by Leading Market Players
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100,000 yen ($916.17)
(excluding consumption tax)
200,000 yen ($1,832.34)
(excluding consumption tax)
300,000 yen ($2,748.51)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)