Building Materials Market 2012

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Building materials

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I      Overview of Building Materials Market in 2012
1.   Outlook and Strategies in Building Materials Market
2.   Trends in Housing for 2012
3.   Demand forecast of Building Materials for 2012
4.   Analysis of the hot-selling products in 2012
5.   Growing Housing Manufacturers for 2012
6.   Trends in Building Materials Tradors for FY2011
7.   Trends in Building Materials Wholesalers for FY2011
8.   Trends in Smart House Market for 2012
9.   Onboard Status of Photovoltaic Power Systems for FY2011
10. Renovation Market for FY2011
11. Outlook and Strategies of Renovation Market for FY2012
II     Outlook and Strategies of Building Materials Manufacturers
13 companies
III   Trends in Water Segment Product Manufacturers
5 companies
IV    Trends in Noteworthy Materials and Major Manufacturers
1.   Water heaters
2.   Kitchen instruments (IH cooking heaters, etc.)
3.   Floor heating systems
4.   Solar water heaters
5.   Photovoltaic Power Systems
6.   Home-use raw garbage processing systems
7.   Home-use dish washer and dryers
8.   Bathroom heater and dryers
9.   Security and disaster prevention systems
10. Lighting (LED)
V      Analysis on Dedicated Building Material Manufacturers
17 companies
VI    Building Materials Industry Reference Data
Market trends and share of manufacturers by demand sector
Market share of manufacturers by demand sector and by region
Map of manufacturers production facilities by demand sector
Commercial distribution map
VII   Business Performance of Building Material Manufacturers and Wholesalers

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100,000 yen ($920.98)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)