Display Industry 2013

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Display Industry and Peripheral industries

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Display manufacturers, event companies, Commerce Facilities, medical facilities, retail markets, etc.

Research Content:

Market Structure in Display Industry
Environmental Changes and Future Measures in Industry
Top 100 Sales Ranking in Display Companies
Trends in Commerce Facilities
Trends in Commerce Developers
Overseas Development by Domestic Distribution Industry
Success Factors of Commerce Facility Industry
Directions of Display Industry
I       Market Overview in Display Industry
1.   Latest Trends in Display Industry
2.   Market Structure of Size by Category and Market Trends
3.   Environmental Changes in Peripheral Industries
4.   Latest Trends and Market Outlook in Retail Industry
II      Trends and Size of Event Market
1.   Event Market Trends
1)    Event industry market structure
2)    Latest industrial trends
3)    Event schedule for 2013
4)    Future event market
2.   Transition of Domestic Event Market Size and Future Outlook
1)    Overall trends
2)    Expo
3)    Festivals
4)    Exhibitions
5)    Conference events
6)    Cultural events
7)    Sports events
8)    Promotional events
III    Market Trends and Outlook for Retail Industry by Business Category
1.   Analysis and Strategies of Retail Market by Business Category
1)    GMS
2)    Super Market
3)    Casual/women's clothing
4)    Men's clothing
5)    Home centers
6)    Electronics retail stores
7)    Drug stores
8)    Convenience stores
9)    Furniture, interiors
10) Household goods
2.   Trends in Sales Values by Business Category
3.   Retail Market Analysis from Commercial Statistics
IV     Trends in Noteworthy Commerce Facilities
1.   Latest Trends in Commerce Facilities
2.   Large Shopping Centers
3.   Life Style Centers
4.   Outlet malls
5.   Cinema Complex
6.   "Ekinaka", Commerce Facilities within Stations
V      Leading Display Companies
1.   Business Development and Directions
2.   Transition of Sales Performance of Display Companies
3.   Sales Composition by Business Category
4.   Business and Sales Strategies
5.   Future Noteworthy Categories
6.   Future Market Outlook and Measures
VI     Trends in Peripheral Markets
1.   Large Construction Industry
2.   Amusement Industry
3.   Leading Demands
VII   Case Studies from Leading Companies (18 Enterprises)

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120,000 yen ($1,105.18)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)