General Construction Industry 2013

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General Construction Industry

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General Construction firms

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General Overview

  • Direction of Construction Industry
  • Transition and Outlook of Investments on Construction
  • Cross National Investments on Construction
  • Trends in Building Stocks
  • Operational Status of Leading Construction Firms
  • Exporting of Infrastructure by Construction Industry
  • Future Business Development by Construction Industry
  • Importance of Aligned Companies
  • Promising Areas and Challenges by Domestic Market
  • Future Perspectives of General Construction

I   Environmental Changes and Future Outlook of Construction Market

  1. FY2013 Budget
  2. Influence of Increased Public work
  3. Influence of Great East Japan Earthquake
  4. Influence of Changes in Population Structure
  5. Influence of low birth rate in combination with aging society to to construction Industry
  6. Shift to Full Globalization of Construction Industry
  7. Competition of Technology Development to Accept More Orders
  8. Trends in Construction Orders Received
  9. Refurbishment and renovation trends in building construction
  10. Trends in Maintenance and Mending Construction

II   Structure of Construction Industry

  1. Structure of Construction Industry
  2. Balance of Labor Supply and Demand in Construction Industry

III    Status and Outlook of General Construction Industry

  1. General Construction Industry Overview and Recent Trends
  2. Analysis of Final Accounts at Leading Construction Companies
  3. Various Rankings regarding General Construction Industry
  4. Restructuring in General Construction Industry
  5. Entrance to New Areas by Local Mid-Size General Construction Firms
  6. Constructed Number of Condominiums
  7. PFI Business Trends
  8. Business Utilizing Regenerated Energy
  9. Increasing Number of Businesses Entering into Plant Factory Business Market
  10. Future Outlook of General Construction Industry

IV  General Construction Business Overseas

  1. Current Status of Overseas Construction Market
  2. Trends in Overseas Construction Orders Received
  3. Overseas Business Development by General Construction Firms
  4. Expansion in Asian Business by Companies that have Long Expected Domestic Demand including General Construction Firms
  5. Overseas Development by Engineering Industry
  6. Plant Construction Industry that have Highly Recognized Overseas
  7. Overseas Development by Large Developers
  8. Challenges of Overseas Construction Market
  9. Future Promising Market

V   Trends in Technology Developments in General Construction Industry

  1. Technologies to Overcome "Tsunami"
  2. Techonologies to Purify Land Contamination
  3. Low Carbonization in Urban Space
  4. EMS that Improves Energy Saving
  5. Longer Lasting of Buildings
  6. Environmentally Friendly Designing in Construction Industry
  7. Utilization of IT Technologies in Construction Designing
  8. Computerized Construction Works using Construction Robots
  9. Method to Break Down Skyscrapers
  10. Technology to Recycle By-products from Construction

VI   Business Strategies of Leading General Construction Firms

  1. Characteristics of leading general construction industry
  2. Transition of sales performance and outlook
  3. Sales strategies and measures to increase receiving orders
  4. Operational strategies
  5. Overseas business strategies
  6. Renovation business strategies
  7. Trends in development of technology and studies
  8. Challenges and problems
  9. Noteworthy areas and new business development

VII   Case Studies of Leading Enterprises

16 firms

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100,000 yen ($920.98)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)