Housing Equipment Market 2013

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120,000 yen ($1,098.00)(excluding consumption tax)
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Housing equipments, including kitchen equipments, bathes, toilets, washstands, water heaters, kitchen ranges, floor heaters, solar power generation systems, lighting devices, solar water heaters, bath room heaters/dryers, security related products, raw garbage processors, septic tanks, home elevators, gates/fences, car ports, balconies/terraces, steel fabricated storages, and smart house related equipments,

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Manufacturers and distributors of housing equipment

Research Content:

I     Future Perspectives for Housing Equipment Market

  1. Current Status of Housing Equipment Market
  2. Future Prospects
  1. Trends in Housing Equipments in Association with Increase of Smart Houses
  2. Trends in Sales Performance and Domestic Reorganizations among Housing Equipments Manufacturers

II      Environment surrounding Housing Equipment Market

  1. Trend of new housing starts
  2. Trend of housing renovation
  3. Administrative policies that places importance in housing stocks
  4. Energy-saving measures in households
  5. Trends in measures to raise energy efficiency for households

III     Current Status of Housing Equipment Market by Product Type

  1. Kitchen equipments, including dish washers and water purifiers
  2. Bathes
  3. Toilets, including toilet seats with washer devices, household toilet seats, and sanitary ware
  4. Washstands
  5. Water heaters, including gas water heaters, heat-pump-type water heaters
  6. Cooking ranges, including gas ranges and IH cooking heaters
  7. Floor heaters
  8. Residential solar power generation systems
  9. Lighting devices
  10. Solar water heaters
  11. Bathroom heaters/dryers
  12. Security related products
  13. Raw garbage processing equipments
  14. Septic tanks
  15. Home elevators
  16. Gates/Fences
  17. Car ports
  18. Balconies/Terraces
  19. Steel fabricated storages
  20. Smart House related equipments, including HEMS, household capacitor systems, and smart meters

IV      Business Strategies by Housing Equipment Manufacturers

  1. Business Strategies of Market Players in Major Segments
  1. Kitchen Segments
  2. Sanitary Segments
  3. Energy-related Equipment Segments
  1. Business Strategies by Leading Housing Equipment Manufacturers (11 firms)

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120,000 yen ($1,098.00)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.29 yen , 2020/01/27 Japan)