MEMS (Mansion (or Condominium Building) Energy Management System) 2013

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MEMS (Mansion (or Condominium Building) Energy Management System)

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aggregators of MEMS, MEMS system parts manufacturers

Research Content:

I   MEMS System and Aggregator

  1. Definition of MEMS, or Mansion (which means condominium in Japan) Energy Management System and Aggregator System
  2. Subsidies and Target
  3. Structure of MEMS
  4. MEMS Aggregators and Services
  5. Services and Prices Offered by Six Companies adopted as Aggregators

II   MEMS Market and Market Players

  1. Size of MEMS market in 2013 likely to fluctuate due to the differences among aggregators for development of the services to provide and for necessary periods for adoption
  2. Current stage is too early to calculate the market share by manufacturer. However, leading aggregators are those who can distribute power collectively received at high voltage and those who have aligned with housing developers.
  3. Classification of MEMS aggregators and respective characteristics
  4. Analysis on competition among MEMS aggregators by type

III   Efforts Addressed by Leading MEMS Aggregators

11 enterprises

IV   MEMS Market Viewed from Leading Aggregators

  1. Size of MEMS market is unclear. Target is mainly newly-built, large buildings.
  2. Because the functions and effects are yet to be developed, the economic advantages for consumers to receive from MEMS are still vague, which are the largest challenges and problems.
  3. Obligation to reduce electricity consumption volume by 10% is not impossible, but there are slight differences in recognition among the people.
  4. Economic advantages and satisfactory contents in the services are the competitive points among aggregators. There are no decisive differences.
  5. Key is whether or not the aggregators can generate economic advantages, and  utilize "ECHONET Lite."  Lower prices are also important.
  6. Though the potential demand is not small, cultivating of demand is not so easy because of necessity to pursue some kind of steps and advantages beforehand.
  7. If subsidies are available, initial costs are sure to increase.  It is essential to create value that matches the cost.
  8. MEMS has large potential to increase, but it also has a lot of problems and challenges.  It is necessary to establish its existence at an early stage.
  9. Aggregators have different views and speculations according to their types towards MEMS

V   Potential and Future Outlook of MEMS Market

  1. If MEMS cannot differentiate against system of power collectively received at high voltage, the existence value of MEMS may going to fade away.
  2. There are both positive and negative factors for growth of MEMS. Social assessment of MEMS market may be determined by the next several years of efforts.
  3. There are many challenges but can be overcome.
  4. The market size is likely to increase for the time being. Some efforts that should be made until FY2015, which determines the market growth.

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130,000 yen ($1,197.27)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)