Detached House Market 2014

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Detached houses, home rebuilding, secondhand houses

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House Makers and Local Builders, Businesses in the business regarding single-family detached houses, home rebuilding/refurbishing/renovation, secondhand houses.

Research Content:

I   Trends and Perspectives of Detached House Market

  1. Changes in Environment Surrounding the Market
  2. Transition of Construction Starts of New and Detached Houses
  3. How Changes in Population Structure Influence Housing Market
  4. Trends in Product Project
  5. Trends in New Products from Leading Companies
  6. Trends in Housing Prices
  7. Trends in Building Contractors Industry
  8. Trends in Land Prices
  9. uture Direction of Detached House Market

II    Analysis on Demand Structure of Detached Houses

  1. Trends in Detached House Market by Form
  2. Characteristics and Trends in Market by Construction Method
  3. Trends in Custom-Made Detached Houses
  4. Trends in Ready-Built Detached Houses
  5. Demand Structure and Inclination
  6. Demands and Willingness of Acquiring Detached Houses

III   Trends in Home Rebuilding Market

  1. Trends in Home Rebuilding Market
  2. Size of Home Rebuilding Market
  3. Estimated Demands and Direction of Home Rebuilding Market
  4. Business Strategies on Home Rebuilding Market
  5. Trends in Home Refurbishment/Renovation Market

IV   Trends in Secondhand House Market

  1. Changes and Perspectives of Secondhand House Market Environment
  2. Structure of Secondhand House Market
  3. Distribution Market for Secondhand Houses
  4. Trends in Demand for Secondhand Houses
  5. Regeneration/Reusing Market for Secondhand Houses

V       Trends in House Makers and Local Builders

  1. Characteristics of Detached House Suppliers and Business Performance
  2. Business Strategies by House Makers
  3. Business Development Regarding Smart Houses
  4. Business Strategies by Housing related Companies

VI   Statistical Analysis on Detached Houses by Area (Ward/City Level)

  1. Areas with Many Accumulated Number of Houses during the Past Decade
  2. Areas that Attained High Rate of Increase during the Past Decade
  3. Transition of Detached Housing Starts by Area (Ward/City Level)
  4. Transition of Detached Housing Starts by How They are Used by Area (Ward/City Level)

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100,000 yen ($921.83)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.48 yen , 2019/10/23 Japan)