Home Renovation Market 2014

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Overall housing industry, home renovation market

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Home renovation companies

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I.      General Overview of Housing Industry

  1. New housing construction market
  • Transition of new housing starts
  • Transition of trends in privately-owned houses and rented houses
  • Transition of single family houses and condominiums
  1. Status of housing stocks
  • Transition of housing stocks
  • Renovation targets
  • Housing stock status by type of construction
  • Transition of stock of condominiums and reform-targeted condominiums
  1. Status of home renovation/remodeling
  • Market size of home renovation/remodeling
  • Construction works status for home renovation
  • Home renovation/remodeling construction works by objective
  1. Demographical data
  • Total population
  • Total number of households
  • Rate of home ownership by age
  • Family budget research
  1. Trends in Construction Businesses
  • Number of companies in home renovation/remodeling market
  • Trends in companies with permission for construction business
  1. Measures/Systems/Regulation in home renovation industry
  • Fundamental law on living
  • Information on housing records
  • Total plan on secondhand housing/refurbishing
  • Tax reduction in housing/renovation
  • Housing Warranty Insurance
  • Subsidy for long-term quality housing

II      Trends in Home Renovation Market

  1. Home renovation market overview
  2. Transition of size of home renovation market
  3. Size of home renovation market by prefecture
  4. Size of home renovation market for elderly
  5. Market size of solar power generation systems for existing houses
  6. Luxury home renovation market
  7. Existing homes + renovation market
  8. Renovation of condominiums
  9. Component ratio of home renovation market by segment

III     Strategies of Enterprises in Home Renovation Business

  1. Influence of consumption tax increase and trends in leading businesses
  2. Sales strategies and execution
  3. Trends in large-scale renovations
  4. Trends in renovation/remodeling of existing homes
  5. Challenges and Solutions

IV.    Company Profiles

14  companies

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110,000 yen ($1,010.19)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.89 yen , 2020/01/28 Japan)