Medical Disposables Market 2015

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Medical Disposable Products

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Domestic Manufacturers and Importers

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Future Aspects of Medical Disposable Product Market

  1. Trends and Transition of Market
  2. Market Trends by Category
  3. Perspectives and Challenges of General Medical Products
  1. Market Background
  2. Introducing International Standard of Connectors Preventing Improper Connections
  3. Respiratory Apparatus related Products (respiratory apparatus, anesthesia apparatus circuits, oxygen masks/cannulas, artificial noses)
  4. Suction drainage system (packs/bottles)
  5. Infusers (PCA infusing pumps)

I    Overview of Medical Disposable Products

  • Trends of Medical disposable products,
  • Statistical Survey on Trends in Pharmaceutical Production
  • Market Transition of Research Items

II   Transition of Market Size by Product, Perspectives on Safety/kits, Hospitals, Home Medicines

  1. Syringes and injection devices
  2. Injection needles
  3. Fluid infusion sets
  4. Butterfly needle and winged IV needles
  5. Indwelling needles
  6. Extension tubes
  7. Three-way stopcocks
  8. Empty bags for high-calorie infusion
  9. Connecting tubes
  10. Filters
  11. Suction devices and drainage systems
  12. Urine bags
  13. Incontinence products
  14. Oxygen masks and cannulas
  15. Respiratory circuits and anesthetic circuits
  16. Automatic anastomotic devices, autosuture devices, hemoclips, hemostasis ligation clips, skin suture devices
  17. Blood bags and transfusion sets
  18. Autologous blood transfusion products
  19. change-edge surgical knife, scalpels
  20. Kits and packaged products
  21. Infusers
  22. Biopsy needles
  23. Vacuum blood collection tubes
  24. Blood collection kit for blood gas measurements
  25. ECG electrode
  26. Pressure sore pads
  27. Safety infection prevention products

III   Company Profiles

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120,000 yen ($1,110.80)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.03 yen , 2019/09/20 Japan)