Rental Welfare (Assistive) Equipment and 10-Year-Pestpectives 2015

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Welfare (Assistive) Equipment

Research Target:

Rental Welfare/Assistive Equipment Companies

Research Content:

I   Trend Analysis regarding Rental Welfare/Assistive Equipment Market

  1. Trends in Welfare/Assistive Equipment Market
  2. Size of Rental Welfare/Assistive Equipment Market
  3. Trends of Rental Welfare/Assistive Equipment by Item
  4. Trends in Leading Rental Welfare/Assistive Equipment Companies
  5. Trends in Sales Market
  6. Challenges and Issues

II   Strategies of Companies in Rental Welfare/Assistive Equipment Business

  1. Strategies of Opening Stores by Market Players
  2. Transition of Welfare/Assistive Equipment Business Turnover and of Number of Rental Beds at Market Players
  3. Strategies and Trends of Welfare/Assistive Equipment Business at Market Players
  4. Trends of Market Players to Wholesalers and Distributors of Welfare/Assistive Equipment Business
  5. Rental of Long-Term-Care Robots/Robotic Equipment

III   Environment Surrounding Elderly Population and Analysis

  1. Trends in Number of Elderly Population in Need of Long-Term Care
  2. Transition of Long-Term Care Fee
  3. Transition of Elderly Population

IV   Status Analysis regarding Facilities/Homes for Aged and Peripheral Environment

  1. Directions regarding Establishment of Comprehensive Local Care System
  2. Trends of Facilities for Elderly relating to Long-Term Care Insurance
  3. Challenges and Issues
  4. Future Direction

V    Questionnaire regarding Rental/Sales of Welfare/Assistive Equipment and Home Renovation Business

  1. Overview of Business Handling Welfare/Assistive Equipment and Long-Term Care Goods
  2. Rental Welfare/Assistive Equipment Business
  3. Sales of Welfare/Assistive Equipment
  4. Home Renovation Adequate for Long-term Care
  5. Long-Term-Care related Business

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150,000 yen ($1,388.50)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.03 yen , 2019/09/20 Japan)