Apparel Industry 2015

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Apparel Industry

Research Target:

Manufacturers, importers, sales channels, etc.

Research Content:

I   Apparel Manufactures

  1. Current Status of Apparel Enterprises (Questionnaire)
  • Sales Performance Trends of Apparel Enterprises in FY2014
  1. Trends in apparel companies by main business category
  2. Apparel companies whose sales is continue growing
  1. Trends in Imported Apparel Products in Japan
  • As imported apparel products from nearby four countries decreased, rapid growth is seen from ASEAN countries and Bangladesh
  1. Overall Trends of Imported Apparel Products in 2014
  2. Transition of Apparel Imports in Past 10 Years
  3. Transition of Apparel Imports by Country, Imports from China by Item
  1. Sports Apparel Market
  • Current Status of Sports Shoes Market
  • Current Status of Sports Apparel Market
  • Overview of Overall Sports Goods Market

II   Apparel Market by Item

  1. Market by Men's Item
  1. Men's Suits Market
  2. Men's Jacket & Blazer Market 
  3. Men's Coat Market
  4. Men's Trousers/Pants Market
  5. Men's Shirts Market
  1. Market by Women's item
  1. Women's Suit Market
  2. Women's Formal Wear Market
  3. Women's Dress Market
  4. Women's Jacket/Blazer Market
  5. Women's Coat Market
  6. Women's Bottoms Market
  7. Women's Tops (Shirts/Blouse) Market
  1. Market by Other Item
  1. Knitted Items (Sweaters, T-shirts, Polos)
  2. Jeans Casual Items
  3. Babies/Children’s Wear
  4. Men's Inner Wear
  5. Women's Inner Wear

III   Brand Market

  1. Imported Brands Market
  • Market Size and Overall Trends
  • Overall Trends by Item
  • Market Trends by Item

IV   Apparel Retail Market

  1. Current Market and Future Outlook
  1. Apparel Retail Products Market Size in 2014
  1. Market Trends by Channel
  1. Trends in Clothing Sales at Shopping Centers 2014
  2. Trends in Clothing Sales at Department Stores2014
  3. Trends in Clothing Sales at GMS 2014
  4. Trends in Men's Wear Stores in 2014
  5. Trends in Women's Wear Stores in 2014
  6. Trends in Jeans Casual Wear Stores in 2014
  1. Analysis on Noteworthy Companies (extracted from Yano News)

V   Apparel Peripheral Markets

  1. Apparel Peripheral Markets (extracted from Yano News)
  1. Recent good sales of men's order suits continue or not
  2. Women's formal wear market trends
  3. Recent uniform market trends
  4. Recent trends in uniform rental market
  5. Kimono market trends
  1. Trends in Clothing Consumption within Family Budgets in 2014

VI    References

Statistics Table of Imported Apparel Products


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110,000 yen ($1,010.19)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.89 yen , 2020/01/28 Japan)