Retail Solutions Market 2015 -Big Data Solution Trends-

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Big Data Solutions, EC sites, POS data

Research Target:

Big data solution vendors, EC site operators, POS data vendors, users, etc.

Research Content:

I   Trends related to Big Data in Retail Industry

  1. Big Data in Retail Industry
  2. Case Studies of Utilizing Data in Retail Industry
  3. Direction of IT Strategies at Retail Industry

II   Trends of Big Data Solutions Market for Retail Industry

  1. Trends in Market Players
  2. Big Data Solutions developed by Each Enterprise
  3. Major Case Studies in Retail Industry
  4. Response from Retail Industry regarding Newly-Developed Solution for the Industry
  5. Challenges in Using Big Data in Retail Industry
  6. Future Perspectives

III   Attempts to Big Data and User Needs in Retail Industry

  1. Introduction of POS and Vendors
  2. Status of Adopting Cards
  3. Ratio of ID-POS within POS Data
  4. Status of Data Utilization
  • POS data
  • ID-POS data
  • Customer data
  • Purchase data at EC sites
  • Social data
  • Customer positional data
  • Customer-center data
  • Other data wish to utilize
  1. Domain/Field where Data Utilization should be Progressed Further
  2. Ideas/thoughts regarding Utilization of Big Data
  3. Actualized Solution Samples
  4. Hopeful Achievements by Using Big Data
  5. Reason of Negative Attitude towards Utilizing Big Data
  6. Challenges for Big Data Utilization
  7. Personnel Education Policies for Big Data Utilization
  8. Challenges in Operating Business for Paving Way to Use Big Data
  9. Noteworthy Retailers and Retail Business
  10. Vendors to Cooperate in Analysis
  11. What to Expect in IT Vendors
  12. Ideas/thoughts towards EC Operators
  13. Status of Building EC Sites
  14. Policies in Expanding EC Business
  15. Attempts toward Omni-Channels

IV  Trends in Attempts by Solution Vendors

12 Vendors

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190,000 yen ($1,749.86)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)