Sleep-Related Business 2016

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Sleep-Related Business

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Companies selling functional beddings, food/supplement,sleep improvement medicine, sleep measuring devices

Research Content:

I   Sleep-related Business Market Overview

  1. Current Status of Sleep-Related Business
  1. Functional Bedding (Beds, mattresses, pillows, bed pads)
  2. Food/Supplement
  3. Medicine (Sleep improvement medicine)
  4. Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS)-related.  CPAP devices, and etc.
  5. Sleep measuring devices ("Sleep Scan", etc.)
  6. Others (lighting equipments, hotels, etc.)
  1. Status surrounding Sleep-Related Business Market
  1. Social background
  2. Statistics regarding disorder of sleep
  3. Studies and science regarding sleep
  4. Subsidies for car accident measures (Business to support and promote accident prevention)
  5. Launch of Stress Check System
  1. Market Size regarding Sleep-Related Business (FY2014)
  2. Future Directions

II   Analysis of Sleep Related Business Market Trends

  1. Trends of Functional Beddings
  2. Food/Supplement
  3. Trends in Medical Institutions on Disorder of Sleep
  4. Trends in sleeping pills Market
  5. Sleep apnea syndrome (SAS) related Market
  6. Sleep measuring devices market ("Sleep Scan", etc.)

III   Trends of Businesses in Sleep-Related Market

12 enterprises

IV   Social Environment surrounding Sleep-Related Business (Demographics)

  1. Trends in Future Population
  1. Transition of elderly population
  2. Trends of baby boomers
  3. Increase of population of those aged 50 and more
  4. Increase of household consisted of single elderly or/and aged husbands and wives
  1. Aspects regarding Elderly and Sleep-Related Business

V   Directions of Sleep Related Business

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155,000 yen ($1,434.79)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.03 yen , 2019/09/20 Japan)