Network Camera/VCA System Market: Visual Communications 2016

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Surveillance Cameras/IP Cameras/Camera Servers & Encoders/DVR/NVR/VMS

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I       Market Overview

  1. Overview of Network Camera (IP Camera) Market
  1. Network cameras (IP cameras) have grown immensely, occupying the domestic market by 62.4%
  2. Network Cameras (IP Cameras) also expanded globally, occupying 30.9%. Digital cameras is likely to overturn analog cameras
  3. With number of companies entering the market on the rise, competition for survival becoming fiercer and fiercer
  4. Advanced functions of IP and Analog camera markets have been progressive. Analog cameras may shift to HD analog cameras?!
  5. Application in diverse areas and in image analysis have driven IP cameras to expand
  6. HD analog cameras can be a dark horse to replace analog cameras
  7. It may have entered dawning period for cloud services to be used for surveillance/monitoring/marketing
  1. Overall Overview of Image Anallysis/VCA System Markets

II    Market Analysis by Item (Surveillance Cameras/IP Cameras/Camera Servers & Encoders/DVR/NVR/VMS)

  1. Market Trends of Surveillance/Monitoring Cameras
  2. Camera Servers & Encoders Market Trends
  3. DVR Market Trends
  4. NVR Market Trends
  5. VMS Marke Trends

III   Image Analysis/VCA System Market Analysis

  1. Market Trends of Image Analysis/VCA Systems
  2. 34 Leading Image-Analysis/VCA Systems Companies regarding Characteristics, Advantages of Products and Technologies
  3. Future Image Analylsis and Potentiality

IV   Company Profiles

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165,000 yen ($1,521.86)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.42 yen , 2019/10/19 Japan)