Foods and Eating Habits of Elderly 2016

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Various foods, eating habits, diet for seniors

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Aged people

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I   Report Overview

  1. Daily Lives of Elderly (Home, Jobs, Hobbies, Exercises)
  2. Health Status of the Elderly
  3. Food and Elderly
  4. Shopping and Elderly
  5. Cooking and Elderly
  6. Online Shopping and Elderly
  7. Eating Out and Food Delivery by Elderly

II   Insight Regarding Elderly Diet

  1. Excessive and Shortage of Nutrition: Protein is important as age rises
  2. Safety of Food
  3. Online Shopping: 60% of online shopping users are the potential customers
  4. Drugstores: Supporting the elderly from aspect of health
  5. Cooking Methods: Supporting the elderly who likes cooking
  6. Food Delivery: Requirement in business for seniors/elderly
  7. Single Households: Welcoming dining out
  8. Frustration regarding Diet: Increasing frustration toward chewing

III   Comparison Analysis of Questionnaire Results regarding Whether Locomotive Syndrome or Not

IV   Comparison of Questionnaire Results by Age, Gender, Household, Annual Income

V   Environment surrounding Elderly

  1. Declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people and Problems beyond 2025
  2. Ever-increasing long-term care benefit values and number of people certified as those needed long-term care and those as Needed Support.
  3. Lifestyle diseases occupying major reasons of death
  4. Eating and exercising habits of Japanese people
  5. Number of medical/long-term care facilities, average number of days to stay at hospitals, rate of using hospital beds
  6. Increasing aged households and decreasing number of household members
  7. Income and expenditure of aged households
  8. Increasing pensioners and decreasing amount of pensions to receive
  9. Aging society in rural areas (current status) and aging society in metropolitan areas (future)
  10. Average length of life, number of marriages, total fertility rate
  11. Employment rate of women

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220,000 yen ($2,026.16)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)