Food Inspection/Analysis Contract Service Market 2017

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Food inspection/analysis contract services including agricultural chemical residue analysis, and radiation testing

Research Target:

Food manufacturers, importers, traders, distributors, retailers, restaurants, meal providers, producers and processors of agricultural produce, fishery related companies and processors, livestock related companies and processors, food inspection/analysis service providers, and food inspection kit manufacturers/distributors

Research Content:

I   Governmental Activities regarding Food Safety

  1. Higher Consciousness towards Health and Food Safety
  2. Governmental Actions
  1. Food Safety Administration in Japan
  2. Activities at Ministry of Health、Labour and Welfare
  • Occurrence of food poisoning
  • Attempts to secure safety in imported foods
  • Rules and regulations regarding food additives
  • Priority item regarding food safety
  1. Activities at Ministry of Agriculture、Forestry and Fisheries
  • Attempts against toxic chemical substances
  • Priority item regarding food safety
  1. Activities at Consumer Affairs Agency
  • Mandatory display of nutritional components
  • Changes in displaying allergy
  • Establishment of Foods with Function Claims System
  1. Current Status and Future Direction of Food Safety Management Systems
  1. HACCP
  2. From ISO22000 to FSSC22000, There may be some certification schemes from Japan
  3. Traceability
  4. GMP

II   Trends of Food Inspection/Analysis Contract Service Market

  1. Topics in Food Inspection/Analysis Contract Service Market
  2. Trends of Market Players

III   Trends of Food Inspection Kit Market

  1. Simple Medium Market
  2. Poison (Mycotoxin/Shellfish Poison) Inspection Kit Market
  3. Allergenic Food Test Kit Market
  4. Residual Antibacterial Substances Inspection Kit Market (for Milk)
  5. Histamin Inspection Kit Market
  6. ATP Wiping-off Inspection Market

IV   Questionnaire to Enterprises regarding Food Safety Activities

  1. Attempts taken to secure food safety (including ingredients)
  2. Items highly interested in food inspection
  3. Current status of food inspections
  4. Simple food inspection kit (including simple medium)
  5. Challenges in food inspection/analysis


Questionnaire Respondents:

  1. 25 Food manufacturers
  2. 5 Food Importers and traders
  3. 11 Companies and organizations that produces or processes agricultural produce
  4. 6 Fishery related companies and processers of fishery products
  5. 5 Livestock related companies and processers
  6. 20 Distributors and Retailers
  7. 50 Restaurants/Meal providers, etc.

V   Profiles of Market Players/Organizations

  • 14 Food Inspection/Analysis Contract Service Providers
  • 12 Food Inspection Kit Manufacturers/Distributors

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400,000 yen ($3,659.99)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.29 yen , 2020/01/27 Japan)