Alcoholic Drinks/Liquor Market 2017

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Alcoholic beverages, liquors

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Manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers

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I  Trends in Entire Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Market

  1. Trends of Entire Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor Market and Transition of Market Size
  2. Trends of Leading Manufacturers
  1. Trends of Beer Makers
  2. Trends of Manufacturers Specialized in Making Japanese Sake
  3. Trends of Manufacturers of Shochu, the Japanese Distilled Alcohol Made Most Commonly from Sweet Potatoes or Barley
  4. Trends of Other Leading Companies
  1. Trends of Manufacturers by Sales Channel
  1. Channel for households
  2. Channels of mail orders
  3. Commercial channels
  1. Trends in distribution of alcoholic beverages
  1. Trends in wholesalers
  2. Trends in retailers
  3. Trends in restaurant industry
  4. Trends in importers
  1. Trends of Liquor Containers
  1. Trends of alcoholic beverages by container (Can, glass bottles, and paper packs)
  2. Container strategies by manufacturer
  1. Noteworthy Market Environment
  1. Craft beer market trends
  2. Revision of regulations surrounding the alcoholic/liquor market
  3. New approaches by diner chains towards customers who drink bit by bit.
  4. Trends of non-alcoholic beverage market
  5. Trends of growing "Amazake" demands and attempts by liquor makers

II   Market Trends by Item

  1. Beers (low-malt beer-like beverages, new-genre drinks)
  2. Japanese Sake, High-Class Shochu, and Second-Class Shochu
  3. Western Liquor (Whiskey and Wine)ン
  4. RTD (Ready to Drink) Products
  1. Low alcoholic drinks

III   Marketing Measures Analysis at Leading Companies

  1. Sales promotion strategies
  2. M&A/alliance strategies
  3. Efforts towards environment
  4. Attempts to improve distribution systems/cost reduction

IV   Trends of Overseas Business Development by Manufacturers

  1. Trends of Overseas Business Development by leading Japanese Sake, High-Class/Second-Class Shochu Manufacturers
  2. UTrends of Liquor Market in Leading Exporting Countries (Americas, Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asia)

V   Trends of Leading Liquor Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Importers

27 enterprises

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115,000 yen ($1,060.10)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.48 yen , 2019/10/23 Japan)