Housing Trend Analysis 2017

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Housing companies, developers, housing construction companies

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I   Trends and Future Outlook of Housing Market

  1. Trends in Housing Investments
  2. Trends of Housing Construction Flows
  3. Analysis on Housing Stocks
  4. Trends of Housing Prices
  5. Direction of Housing Demands
  6. Direction and Future Outlook of Housing market

II   Changes in Environment surrounding Housing Market

  1. Assistance Measures for Housing Industry
  2. New Moves in Housing Market
  3. Direction of Housing Market in Association with Changes in Population Structure
  4. Trends in Land Price of Residential Properties
  5. Noteworthy Topics in Housing-related Industries

III   Housing Trends by Construction Method

  1. Characteristics and Market Share by Construction Method
  2. Pre-Fabricated Housing
  3. Wooden Housing
  4. 2-by-4 Housing
  5. Condominiums

IV   Business Strategies by House Makers

  1. Trends in Sales Performance and Outlook of House Makers
  2. Product Development Strategies Hammered out by Leading House Makers
  3. Business Strategies by Leading House Makers

V   Noteworthy Housing Market for Future

  1. Housing for the Aged
  2. Eco and Energy-Saving Home
  3. Rented Accommodation (apartments, rented condominiums)
  4. Housing Networks
  5. Resale Housing
  6. Home renovation

VI   Analysis on Housing Trends Viewed from Various Data

  1. Housing Market Trends Research
  2. Customer Research on Custom Detached Home
  3. Flat 35 User Research
  4. Questionnaire to Housing Exhibition Visitors

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120,000 yen ($1,127.18)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 106.46 yen , 2019/08/19 Japan)