Food Delivery Service Market 2017

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Food Delivery Service Market

Research Target:

Food/deli home delivery service providers, Pizza/Sushi delivery service providers, restaurant and fast food chains, milk delivery service providers, Coop/Online supermarket/CVS/natural food delivery service providers,

Research Content:

I    Noteworthy Trends in Food Delivery Market

  1. The direction of food delivery business to assist the so-called "shopping refugees (people who are far away from shops or too old/ill to shop frequently)"
  2. Revolution of delivery services!  There have been many new technologies and services appeared:
  1. Utilization of AI in delivery services. Uber has entered the delivery market
  2. Future of the delivery services by using drones and autonomous cars. Will it solve the labor shortage issue?
  1. Fully satisfactory cooking kits, with easy-and-fast preparation needed, are available!
  2. Intention of using delivery box/lockers viewed from consumer survey

II    Current Status and Future Outlook

  1. Total Food Delivery Service Market
  2. Growing Food Delivery Assistance Service Market
  3. Meal Home Delivery Service Market
  4. Deli Home Delivery Service Market
  5. Pizza Delivery Market
  6. Sushi Delivery Service Market
  7. Restaurant Chains and Fast Food Market
  8. Milk Delivery Shop Market
  9. Co-op Market
  10. Online Supermarket Market
  11. Convenience Store Home Delivery Service Market
  12. Natural Food Delivery Service Market

III   Consumer Survey regarding Use of Online Supermarket

IV   Profiles of Attention-Attracting Enterprises

29 companies

V   List of Enterprises/Organizations in Food Delivery Service Market


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130,000 yen ($1,202.48)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.11 yen , 2019/09/15 Japan)