Digital Printing Market 2017

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Digital Printing Services

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Major and Second-Tier Printing Companies, Companies of Form Printing, Manual Printing, Photobook Service Providers, Business Convenience Stores, Implanting Business Contractors, and Noteworthy Digital Printing Companies

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I   Current Status and Perspectives of Digital Printing Market

  1. Perspectives and Strategies for Digital Printing Market
  • Despite that FY2015 market increased by 8.7%, it quickly turned to a decrease in the following year
  • The growth rate is likely to be stable for the coming two to three years
  • DPS market fluctuates due to special demand of My Number (The Social Security and Tax Number System)
  • POD market is on the rise, led by a specific category; Other categories within the market are on the decline

II   Analysis of Digital Printing Market by Noteworthy Category

  1. Data Printing Services
  2. On-Demand Printing
  3. Publication
  4. Photo Book Services
  5. Business Convenience Stores (Stores that located in business districts to serve anyone or any businesses for printing, copying, shipping and other tasks as needed at one location)
  6. Soft Packaging

III   Trends and Future Strategies of Digital Printing Service Providers

  • Major and Second-Tier Printing Companies: 5 companies
  • Form Printing Companies: 3 companies
  • Manual Printing Companies: 2 companies
  • Photobook Service Providers: 5 companies
  • Business Convenience Stores: 4 companies
  • Implanting Business Contractors: 2 companies
  • Noteworthy Digital Printing Companies: 4 companies
  • Soft Packaging Companies: 6 companies

IV   Profiles of Digital Printing Service Providers (General Printing Sector)

53 Providers

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150,000 yen ($1,387.48)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.11 yen , 2019/09/15 Japan)