Pharmaceutical Distribution Industry for Future 2017

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Pharmaceutical distribution Industry, Drug wholesaling Industry

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Manufacturers, wholesalers and governmental agencies

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I       Transforming Medical Care Provision System

  • To make the system of public health insurance for the whole nation to be sustainable, fiscal reconstruction is necessary
  • Is it possible to attain the medical care provision system to be how the government envisions by 2025?
  • Reform of medical system using ICT
  • Community Health Care Vision is an indispensable measures to take in the decreasing-population society
  • Corporation for Promoting Medical Institution Partnership has started some kind of moves
  • What is needed for the separation of medical practice and drug dispensation to be patient-centered?

II   Fundamental Reform of Prescription Drug Price System and Expansion of Use of Generic Drugs

  • Does the reform of the prescription drug price system succeed, when it seems to pursue multiple benefits?
  • Other options that may be able to replace Prescription Drug Price System
  • The goal to occupy 80% or more of generic drugs has set to attain earlier

III   Medical Distribution Unavoidable to Transform

  • Issue of counterfeit medicine that had been indifferent until very recently
  • End of special procurement of hepatitis C remedy
  • Lack of expectancy in drug wholesaler business
  • Need to enhance credit control systems
  • Current status and future of leading drug wholesalers

IV    Status of Community Health Care Vision in Each of Prefecture

  • Medical Demand and Estimated Number of Sick Beds Needed by 2025 at Each Prefecture

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150,000 yen ($1,381.47)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.58 yen , 2019/10/18 Japan)