Denim Casual Market 2017

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Denim Casual Wear

Research Target:

Trading companies, OEM makers, Apparel/Casual wear/Jeans specialty stores, clothing retailers, denim material manufacturers, denim washing process companies, etc.

Research Content:

I   Casual Wear Market

  1. Transition and Changes in Apparel Products and Clothing Retail Market
  2. Transition and Changes in Casual Wear Retail Market
  3. Profit Ranking of Apparel Specialty Stores

II   Denim Product Retail Market

  1. Jeans Consumption Analysis
  2. Forecast of Jeans Market Size
  3. Analysis of Positioning of Jeans Brands
  4. Trend of Jeans Casual Specialty Store Market
  5. Environment and Future Perspectives of Jeans Industry

III   Denim Product Production Market

  1. Product Makers Market
  1. Trends and Transition of Sales Performance of Those Closely Related to Leading Jeans Makers
  2. Positioning of Leading Jeans Makers and Current Competitive Environment
  3. Surviving Measures, Attempts, Case Studies of Domestic Makers
  1. Trading Companies/OEM Market
  1. List and Roles of Trading Companies/OEM Makers
  2. Consideration on Industrial Structure, Distribution Structure, Supply Chain
  3. Changes in Recent Competitive Environment
  1. Denim Washing Process Market
  1. What is Washing Process?
  2. Domestic Leading Washing Process Companies
  3. Recent Trend of Leading Washing Process Companies
  1. Denim Material Market
  1. What is Denim?
  2. Manufacturers of Global denim materials
  3. Manufacturing Processes and Relationship among the various companies within
  4. Supply Chains of Denim Materials
  5. Trend of Sales Performance at Domestic Denim Material Makers
  6. Recent Trends of Leading Denim Material Makers
  7. Import Trend of Denim Materials

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150,000 yen ($1,372.50)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.29 yen , 2020/01/27 Japan)