Japanese Foods Companies in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey 2017

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Global , Singapore , Vietnam


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Food Business in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey

Research Target:

Japanese Foods Companies and foods companies in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey,

Research Content:

I   Market Overview in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey

  1. Market Environment in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  1. Outlines and Basic Information on ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  2. Economic Trends in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  3. Demographic movement in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  1. Entire Food Market Size in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  1. Size of Entire Food and Beverage Market
  2. Transition and Forecast of Entire Food Market Size in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  3. Trend of Export/Import of Foods in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  1. Business Status of Food Manufacturers in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  1. Business development by Japanese food manufactures in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey
  2. Methods of Entering Markets in Southeast Asia by Japanese Foods Manufacturers

II   Halal Food Market in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey

  1. Overview of Halal Food and Halal Certification System
  1. About Halal Food
  2. About Halal Certification System
  3. Trends of Halal Certification
  1. Market Trends of Halal Products (Import/Export, Manufacturing, Consumption)
  1. Trends of Import/Export to Malaysia/Thailand
  2. Trends of Consumption of Halal Products
  1. Halal Strategies at Leading Companies in ASEAN Area
  1. Halal Products Strategies and Case Studies of Sales/Export/Import at Local Companies
  2. Halal Products Strategies by Foreign Affiliates
  3. Trend of Major Manufacturing Bases of Halal Products
  1. Future Forecast of Halal Food Market in ASEAN Nations
  2. Attempts to Acquire Halal Certification by Japanese Companies

III   Trends of Foods Market in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey

  1. Basic information
  2. Foods market size
  3. Foods business development by local companies
  4. State of market entrance by Japanese companies for restaurants, food distribution/retailing 
  5. Case studies of M&A, partnership by Japanese companies
  1. Republic of Indonesia
  2. Kingdom of Thailand
  3. Malaysia
  4. The Republic of Singapore
  5. Republic of the Philippines
  6. Socialist Republic of Viet Nam
  7. United Arab Emirates
  8. Republic of Turkey

IV   Business Development and Profiles of Foods Manufacturers in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey

  • Indonesia: 10 enterprises
  • Thailand: 5 enterprises
  • Malaysia: 6 enterprises
  • Singapore: 5 enterprises
  • The Philippines: 2 enterprises
  • Vietnam: 2 enterprises
  • UAE: 4 enterprises
  • Turkey: 2 enterprises

V  Business Trends of Japanese Food Manufactures in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey

79 enterprises

VI   Quesionnaire to Japanese Food Manufactures regarding Business Development in ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey

79 enterprises

  1. Domestic Japanese Food Manufacturers regarding whether having entered or any interests in entering ASEAN6/UAE/Turkey markets
  2. About Halal Foods

VII   List of Local Companies for Foods (total 781 Companies)

  • Indonesia (242 Companies)
  • Thailand (77 Companies)
  • Malaysia (42 Companies)
  • Singapore (243 Companies)
  • Philippines (35 Companies)
  • Vietnam (60 Companies)
  • UAE (32 Companies
  • Turkey (50 Companies)


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195,000 yen ($1,786.53)
(excluding consumption tax)
390,000 yen ($3,573.06)
(excluding consumption tax)
585,000 yen ($5,359.60)
(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.15 yen , 2020/04/07 Japan)