Aesthetic Salon Industry 2018

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110,000 yen ($1,018.24)(excluding consumption tax)
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Aesthetic salons

Research Target:

Companies operating aesthetic salons, Users

Research Content:

I    Aesthetic Salon Market Overview

  1. Overview on Japanese Aesthetic Salon Market
  2. Market Share by Company
  3. Future Direction and Outlook of Aesthetic Salon Market

II   Trends in Aesthetic Salon Market by Business Category/Region

  1. Market Trends by Business Category
  2. Market Trends by Region

III   Trends of Treatment and Sales of Goods at Aesthetic Salons

  • Market Overview
  • Transition of Market Size (FY2013-2017(Prospect))
  • Market Share by Market Player (FY2017 Prospect)
  • Sales Ranking (FY2017 Prospect)
  • Market Perspectives (Transition of Market Size Growth Rate)
  • Forecast of Market Size (FY2018-2022)
  1. Facial Treatment
  2. Weight Loss and Body Treatment
  3. Hair Removal
  4. Men's Aesthetic Treatment
  5. Sales of Goods
  6. Summary of Entire Aesthetic Market Size (FY2013 to FY2022)

IV   Strategies at Leading Aesthetic Salon Chains

  1. Status of Beauty Treatment and Sales of Goods
  2. Noteworthy Treatment Categories
  3. Tendency of Products Sold
  4. Strategies of Opening Stores
  5. Regional Distribution of Stores Opening
  6. Advertisement and Sales Promotions
  7. Future Market Strategies

V   Aesthetic Salon Related Market Trends

  1. Trend of Aesthetic Cosmetics
  2. Trend of Aesthetic Equipment
  3. Trend of Door-to-Door Sales of Cosmetics Market
  4. Trend of Hair Dressing Markets
  5. Trend of Aesthetic Equipment for Home

VI   Consumer Survey regarding Aesthetic Salons

  1. Use of aesthetic salons
  2. Use of multiple aesthetic salons
  3. Type of aesthetic salon used recently and the reason
  4. About companion when visiting aesthetic salons
  5. Requests to aesthetic salons
  6. Information source regarding aesthetic salons
  7. Types of treatment wish to experience/have experienced
  8. Acceptable fees
  9. Goods purchased at aesthetic salons
  10. Anxiety, discontent and requests to aesthetic salons
  11. Evaluation of aesthetic salons
  12. Status of using spas
  13. Status of using other related facilities
  14. Status of using men's aesthetic salons
  15. Free opinions to aesthetic salons

VII    Profiles of Aesthetic Salons

  1. Annual accumulated number of customers
  2. Average unit price
  3. Types of treatments currently offering
  4. Advertisement
  5. Future policies
  6. Whether or not there are facilities of sauna, baths and showers
  7. Cosmetics and equipment manufacturers introduced

VIII Marketing Strategies of Companies in Aesthetic Salon-Related Business

  1. Leading Companies Operating Aesthetic Salon Chains (about 10 enterprises)
  2. Leading Manufacturers of Cosmetics/Equipment for Aesthetic Salons (about 10 enterprises)

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110,000 yen ($1,018.24)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.03 yen , 2019/09/20 Japan)