Next-Generation Medical ICT Market 2018

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Next-Generation Medical ICT

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Domestic makers and service providers

Research Content:

I   Next-Generation Medical ICT Market Trends

  1. Definition/Outline of Next-Generation ICT Market
  2. Current Market Status
  1. Administrative Trends/Guidelines
  2. Status of Utilizing IT at Medical Facilities
  3. Leading Market Players
  4. Domestic/Overseas Case Studies
  1. Market Size
  2. Future Perspectives
  1. Growth Factors
  2. Forecast of Market Size
  3. Future Perspectives

II    Market Analysis by Category

  1. Market Outline
  2. Status of Leading Market Players
  3. Market Size
  4. Future Perspectives
  1. Cloud-based Electronic Health Record
  2. Cloud-based PACS
  3. Cloud-based Remote Image Diagnostics Systems
  4. Remote Diagnostics Systems
  5. Cloud-based EDC (Electronic Data Capture)
  6. Cloud-based Medical Care Reservation Systems
  7. VNA

III   Next-Generation Medical ICT Case Studies

  1. Case Studies related with Medical Big Data
  2. Case Studies related with Those Using AI

IV   Medical Facility Survey

  1. Facility Outline
  1. Operational body  
  2. Number of sick beds
  3. Any annex/related facilities
  1. Status of Any Medical Information Systems (Core Systems) Installed
  1. EHR (electronic health record) introduced
  2. Status of virtualization of core systems (EHR/ordering)
  3. Integrated systems regarding patient information
  4. Status of information shared with annex/related facilities
  1. Next-Generation Medical Systems
  1. Status of utilizing cloud services
  2. Regarding shifting to cloud services
  3. Effects expected by shifting to cloud services
  4. Reasons why not introducing cloud services
  5. Status of VNA introduction
  6. Intention of introducing VNA
  7. Advantages of VNA, important aspects of VNA
  8. Reasons why not introducing VNA, anxious aspects in VNA


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written in Japanese
150,000 yen ($1,388.50)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.03 yen , 2019/09/20 Japan)