Quantum Technology Market 2017

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Canada , China , Japan , United States

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Quantum Computers, Quantum Spintronics, Quantum Sensing, Quantum Imaging, Quantum Information Processing Devices, Next-Generation (Quantum) Cryptography

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R&D Institutions, enterprises, organizations

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I   Quantum Computer

  • The world's first Quantum Computers were made in Canada, already provided to google, NASA and other enterprises.
  • With the global big names entering the market, will Japanese basic science be able to bloom?
  1. What are Quantum Computers?
  2. History of Quantum Computers
  3. Representative Information Theories of Quantum Computers
  4. Forecast of Quantum Computer Market Size
  5. Trend of Studies and Development of Quantum Computers Worldwide
  • US, Canada, Europe, Japan
  1. Trend of Each of R&D Institutions Studying Quantum Computers
  • 12 Domestic Institutions
  1. Challenges and Perspectives of Quantum Computers

II   Quantum Spintronics

  • New science that controls electrical characteristics and magnetic characteristics of material quantum‐mechanically.  R & D at Japanese institutions have been leading the world.
  1. What is Spintronics?
  2. What is Quantum Spintronics?
  3. Applications of Quantum Spintronics:
  1. Spin Transfer Torque Random Access Memories
  2. Spin transistors
  3. Optical Spin Memories
  4. Quantum Computers
  1. Forecast of Quantum Spintronics Market Size
  2. Domestic R&D Institutions Studying Quantum Spintronics
  • 20 Institutions
  1. Perspectives of Quantum Spintronics

III   Quantum Sensing

  • Quantum sensing" describes the use of a quantum system, quantum properties or quantum phenomena to perform a measurement of a physical quantity.
  1. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology that has
  2. started fully supporting quantum beam and photon science and technology
  3. Quantum Sensing and its Significance
  4. Applications of Quantum Sensing
  1. Magnetometers
  2. Quantum Cascade Laser
  3. Quantum Entanglement-Enhanced Microscopes
  4. Inertial Quantum Sensors
  5. Optical Lattice Clocks
  6. Quantum Compass
  7. Quantum Radar


  1. Forecast of Quantum Sensing Market Size
  2. Domestic R&D Institutions Studying Quantum Sensing
  • 10 Domestic Institutions
  1. Perspectives of Quantum Sensing

IV   Quantum Imaging

  • Attractive in superior resolutions when compared with the imaging using classic optics. 
  • Expected to be utilized in diverse fields.
  1. What is Quantum Imaging?
  2. Types of Quantum Imaging
  1. Photon Imaging
  2. Quantum Beam Imaging
  1. Applications of Quantum Imaging
  1. Life Science
  2. Materials Science
  3. Space Science
  4. Industry
  1. Forecast of Quantum Imaging Market Size
  2. Domestic R&D Institutions Studying Quantum Imaging
  • 16 Domestic Institutions
  1. Perspectives of Quantum Imaging

V   Quantum Information Processing Devices

  • Devices based on the technology that controls and observes electrons and photons accurately.  This should make the successful fruitful results of quantum technologies to bloom at the end of the stream.
  1. What are Quantum Information Processing Devices?
  2. Case Studies of Quantum Information Processing Devices?
  1. Quantum-Dot Devices
  2. Quantum Nano-mechanical Devices
  1. Applications of Quantum Information Processing Devices
  1. Electronics
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Life Science
  4. Energy
  1. Forecast of Quantum Information Processing Device Market Size
  2. Domestic R&D Institutions Studying Quantum Information Processing Devices
  • 11 Domestic Institutions
  1. Perspectives of Quantum Information Processing Devices

VI   Next-Generation (Quantum) Cryptography

  • Attention-drawing quantum cryptography has been in the middle of global development competition.  Japan has been left behind, but is expected to regain in the competition.
  1. Why Cryptography is paid attention?
  2. Quantum cryptography that should be the core of Next-Generation Cryptography
  3. Typical Protocols of Quantum Cryptography
  1. BB84
  2. E91
  3. B92
  4. BBM92
  5. DPS (Differential Phase Shift)
  6. Y-00
  1. Overseas Trend of Next-Generation Cryptography
  • US, Europe, and China
  1. Forecast of Next-Generation Cryptography Market Size
  2. Trend of Attempts at Enterprises/Organizations developing Next-Generation Cryptography
  • 14 Enterprises/Organizations/R&D Institutions
  1. Progress of cryptography may create another gap between humans and computers??!

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150,000 yen ($1,387.48)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.11 yen , 2019/09/15 Japan)