SPA (Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel) Market 2017-2018

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148,000 yen ($1,346.92)(excluding consumption tax)
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SPA Industry (Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel)

Research Target:

Domestic and global SPA-type apparel retailers, SPA-type non-apparel retailers including those that handle furniture/household goods, 100-yen shops, shoes, and glasses/eye wears, department stores, mass merchandisers, general and specialized trading companies, station buildings, traffic channels, outlet malls, online apparel stores, etc.

Research Content:

I   SPA (Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel) Market Overview

  1. SPA-Type Enterprises that Lead Retail Market, and Recent Trend
  2. Structure of SPA Industry and Leading Companies

II   Trends and Characteristics of SPA-Type Enterprises

  1. SPA Market Formed by Apparel-Specialty Stores
  2. Apparel-Specialty Stores Market by Industry
  3. SPA Strategies at General Apparel Makers
  4. Various Non-Apparel Specialties-Stores Leading the Industry using SPA Business Models
  5. Enhanced PB Apparel Business by Mass Merchandisers
  6. Function and Positioning of General and Specialized Trading Companies within SPA Market

III   Trend of Opening SPA-Type Stores by Channel

  1. Transition of Strategies and Locations of Opening Stores
  2. Department Stores
  3. Station Buildings and "Fashion Buildings"
  4. Traffic Channels (i.e. Stores within/underground of Railway Stations, at Airports)
  5. Store Opening Status of Apparel Specialty Stores
  6. Current Status and Development Plans of Outlet Malls

IV   Online Apparel Markets

  1. Online Stores as an Apparel Retail Channel
  2. Market Size and Company Trends in Online Apparel Stores
  3. Consumer-Participating Events and Ecommerce-linked Events "TGC (Tokyo Girls' Collection)"

V   Strategies of Global SPA-Type Enterprises

  1. Current status of Global Apparel Retail Market and Strategies of SPA-Type Businesses
  2. Size of Apparel/Accessories/Sports Retail Markets in U.S.
  3. Trends of 6 Leading Global SPA-Type Enterprises
  4. Trends of SPA-Type Enterprises in U.S.
  5. Trends of SPA-Type Enterprises in European Countries
  6. Japanese Global SPA-Type Enterprises

VI   Case Studies of Leading SPA-Type Enterprises

  1. Apparel as a whole
  2. Women's
  3. Men's
  4. Casual
  5. Select shops
  6. Children, Baby's
  7. Jeans
  8. Sports
  9. Innerwear, legwear
  10. Shoes, Bags, Accessories
  11. Glasses (Eyewear), Jewelries
  12. Furniture, Household goods, Bicycles
  13. 100-yen shops
  14. Foreign affiliated

VII   Profiles of Nationwide SPA-Type Enterprises

  1. Retailers
  2. Apparel Makers

VIII   Reference Data on SPA

  1. Total Sales Ranking (Retailers)
  2. Total Sales Ranking (Makers)
  3. Ranking regarding Number of Stores (Retailers)
  4. Sales ranking by Brand (More than a Billion Yen)

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148,000 yen ($1,346.92)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.88 yen , 2020/01/23 Japan)