Food Retail Industry 2018

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120,000 yen ($1,106.19)(excluding consumption tax)
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Food retailing

Research Target:

Department stores, GMS, Supermarkets selling foods, online supermarkets, food home delivery service providers, CVS, discount stores, mass merchandisers, Co-op, others

Research Content:

I   Environment surrounding Food Retailing

  1. Changes in Food Retail Market
  1. Transition of food retail market size and form of business
  2. Future of food retailing
  3. Characteristics of food retailing by business form and forecast for the future
  4. Sales ranking of food
  5. Trends of Supermarkets selling foods
  1. Sales Channel
  1. Trends of co-operative purchase/cooperative group supermarkets
  2. Trends of 2 big groups
  3. Trend of reorganization of main channels
  1. Transition of Core Tenants in Commercial Facilities and Transition of Sales
  1. Transition of core tenants in shopping centers
  2. Major large commercial facilities opened during the period between January and December 2017
  3. Transition of sales at shopping centers on Y-o-Y basis
  1. Environment surrounding Consumption
  1. Increase and decrease of consumption spending
  2. Increase and decrease of consumption spending by item and component ratio
  3. Family budgets at workers' households among all the households
  4. Characteristics of balance of household expenses by age group of the head of the household
  5. Trends of food-related consumption in 2016
  6. Demographics

II   Trends by Business Form

  1. Department Stores
  2. Mass Retailers
  3. Convenience Stores
  4. Food Supermarket and Other Food & Beverage Retailers
  5. Trends of Related Market (Food Home Delivery Market)
  1. Transition of food home delivery market size
  2. Trends by business category
  3. Future market perspectives
  4. Noteworthy trends in food home delivery market

III   Analysis of Food Supermarkets

  1. Profitability Analysis
  2. Current Status of Supermarkets

IV   Company Profiles


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120,000 yen ($1,106.19)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.48 yen , 2019/10/23 Japan)