Kimono Industry 2018

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Kimono Industry

Research Target:

Kimono specialty retailers, Kimono wholesalers, Kimono/Kimono-related manufacturers, and businesses of Kimono processing/sewing

Research Content:

I   Trends in Entire Kimono Market

  • Purchase by consumers has been polarized: While the sales of expensive products are favorable, those of the products costing middle-size prices are struggling
  1. Trends of Kimono retail market by channel from 2016 to 2017
  2. Trends in consumption and usage of Kimono
  3. Noteworthy trends

II   Trends of the Kimono Retail Market

  • Sales and number of stores at leading Kimono specialty retailers in FY2016 kept the same level as previous year
  1. Kimono Retail Market Trends
  1. Current status of large Kimono specialty store chains
  2. Strategies of opening new stores at large Kimono specialty store chains
  3. Sales promotions and event attempts at large Kimono specialty store chains
  4. Future plans and challenges of large Kimono specialty retailers
  1. Strategies of "Furisode"
  1. Product policies
  2. Pricing policies
  3. Sales promotions
  4. Views regarding future Furisode Market
  1. Results of Online Consumer Survey regarding Furisode worn at Coming-of-Age Ceremony
  • Profiles of Major Kimono Retailers

III   Trends of Kimono Wholesalers

  • Sales of 8 Large Kimono Wholesalers in FY2016 declined to 93.7% of those in previous fiscal year
  1. Trends of Kimono wholesalers
  1. Current status of Kimono wholesale market
  2. Sales structures and product policies
  3. Promotional strategies
  4. Future challenges and perspectives of Kimono wholesalers
  • Profiles of Major Kimono Wholesalers

IV   Trends of Kimono Manufacturers and Production Districts

  1. Trends of Kimono Makers/Production Districts
  • If steep rise in raw materials reflects to retail price, it affects in acquiring the customers Existence value of Kimono Manufacturers is in their activities to continue developing Kimonos
  1. Profiles of Kimono Manufacturers

V   Trends in Processing and Sewing of Kimono

Company Profiles

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120,000 yen ($1,098.00)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 109.29 yen , 2020/01/27 Japan)