CtoC Market 2018

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Global , Japan

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CtoC business

Research Target:

Domestic and overseas CtoC businesses and enterprises doing peripheral business

Research Content:

I    Domestic CtoC Market Trends

  1. Current Status of Domestic CtoC Market
  1. Recent noteworthy CtoC market
  2. Major CtoC market segments and services
  3. Business models by CtoC market players
  4. Entry by BtoC businesses
  5. Challenges of CtoC services
  6. Domestic CtoC service market size and forecast
  1. Strategic trends by CtoC businesses
  1. Product/Service strategies
  2. Strategies regarding promotions
  3. Strategies regarding distributions
  4. Strategies by large service providers
  1. CtoC business trends overseas
  2. Trend of laws and tax systems
  1. Legal challenges in CtoC market
  2. Challenges in terms of tax systems in CtoC market
  3. Case studies overseas
  1. Perspectives of domestic CtoC market
  1. Influential factors in future CtoC market
  2. Future forecast (mid-term market size forecast) of CtoC market by segment

II   CtoC Market Trend for Product Sales

  1. CtoC for Fashion Products
  2. CtoC for Household Electric Appliances/Telecommunication Equipment/Digital Assistants
  3. CtoC for Used Cars
  4. CtoC for Home Fashion Products
  5. CtoC for Handmaid Goods
  6. CtoC for Entertainment Products
  7. CtoC for Baby/Kids Products
  8. CtoC for Sports Goods
  9. CtoC for Product Rental

III   CtoC Market Trend for Services

  1. CtoC for Travelling/Accommodation Services (including Vacation Rental)
  2. CtoC for Space Sharing Services
  3. CtoC for Car Sharing Services
  4. CtoC for Housekeeping Services/Baby Sitting
  5. CtoC for Education/Lifetime Education Services
  6. CtoC for Other Skill Share Services
  7. CtoC for Other Services

IV   List of CtoC Market Players

106 enterprises

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150,000 yen ($1,377.54)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.89 yen , 2020/01/28 Japan)