Digital Printing Market for Paper Containers 2018

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Digital printing for containers made of paper

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Printing businesses for paper containers and other related businesses

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I   Current Status and Future Outlook of Digital Printing Market for Paper Containers

  • Since it is in the dawning era, the market size is small but is on the rise.
  • Growth of existing businesses and increase of new entrants, the market is expected to grow further.
  • With emerge of digital printers available for B1 and B2 sizes, the applications have widened.
  • In a short-term view, the attempts at the makers may boost the market size.
  • Digital printing for paper containers is used mostly in the category of food, but there is disparity in use of digital printing for paper containers according to food type. Use of digital printing for paper containers in cosmetic category is promising to grow.
  • Increasing number of businesses utilizing Web to Print system has gradually been on the rise.
  • Seeking for direction of utilizing digital printing may trigger to be the new step forward.

Trend of Paper Container Market

  • The market showed stable growth in the category of food, confectionery, medicine, and cosmetics, which slightly raised the market size in FY2015.
  • The market in Fy2016 kept the same level as the previous fiscal year.  For the past two years, the market has kept a certain level of market size due to favorable demand.
  • The demands of the paper container market range in wide variety of categories. Among such categories, the market for the category of food has been on the rise. 
  • Despite that the demand of paper containers for medicines fluctuates due to special procurement, overall trend shows stable. The demand for cosmetics has continued to expand in recent years.
  • Crown Package Co., Ltd continues holding its unchallenged position.
  • Overseas development has been concentrated on China and Southeast Asia.  The demand in Southeast Asia tend to be soft packaging
  • For the future, trend toward less packaging is inevitable, so that the market players need to grope for new source of profits.  

II   Trend of Digital Printing Businesses

6 enterprises

III Attitude Survey on Digital Printing for Containers Made of Paper

  • 25% of paper container businesses have introduced digital printers.
  • They use the machines mostly for sample and for correction.  Among them, only 20% are using digital printing just for paper containers
  • According to the survey, a little less than 50% of the businesses intend to introduce digital printers, when adding the respondents “intend to introduce” and “possible to introduce”.
  1. Attribute
  2. Number of orders per month
  3. Whether any digital printer introduced or not
  4. With regard to introduction of digital printer
  5. Awareness of digital printing by the businesses that have not introduced digital printers
  6. Marketability of Digital Printers

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100,000 yen ($925.67)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.03 yen , 2019/09/20 Japan)