Underwear Market 2018

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Underwear and legwear

Research Target:

manufacturers, , Wholesalers, and Retailers

Research Content:

I   Underwear Retail Market Trends

  1. Transition and Forecast of Underwear Market Size
  1. Women's Underwear Marke Size
  2. Men's Underwear Market Size
  3. Legwear Market Size
  1. Sales Trend by Channel
  1. Department stores
  2. General merchandise stores
  3. Specialty stores
  4. Directly-managed stores
  5. Mail order sales,
  6. Others
  1. Trend of Imported Lingerie
  1. Transition of import trends in ladies lingerie from U.S. and Europe
  2. Trends in imported lingerie market in Japan

II   Underwear Manufacturer Market

  1. Trends of Underwear Companies and Sales Ranking by Category
  1. Women's underwear sales ranking FY2017
  2. Company trends in women's underwear market
  3. Men's underwear sales ranking FY2017
  4. Company trends in men's underwear market
  5. Legwear sales ranking FY2017
  6. Company trends in legwear market
  7. Overseas strategies at underwear/socks manufacturers
  1. Trend of Domestic Production of Underwear
  1. Domestic sales performance of underwear (Shipment Value at Manufacturers)
  2. Domestic sales performance of legwear (Shipment Value at Manufacturers)

III   Underwear Consumption Market

Consumer Trends from "Family Income and Expenditure Survey"

  1. Increase/Decrease of Consumer Spending
  2. Increase/Decrease of Consumer Spending by Item
  3. Family Budget at Workers' Households out of Entire Households
  4. Characteristics of Revenues and Expenditures of Household Budgets by Age/Class of the Householders
  5. Trends of Underwear-related Consumption in 2017

IV   Special Topics

  1. Status of FY2017 and Prospects of FY2018
  2. Status of Sales from April to June 2018
  3. Aims and Challenges to Acquire New Customers
  4. Measures against Declining Personal Spending

V   Profile of Underwear Related Companies

  1. Profiles in Details
  2. Profiles of Manufacturers and Wholesalers
  3. Profiles of Retailers

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130,000 yen ($1,196.94)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.61 yen , 2019/12/10 Japan)