Gift Industry 2018

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150,000 yen ($1,379.18)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.76 yen , 2019/12/11 Japan)

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Wholesalers, makers, retailers of gifts, enterprises in business of gifts

Research Content:

I       Current Status and Size of Gift Market

  1. Transition of Gift Market Size
  2. Definition of Gift
  3. Transition of Gift Market Size by Category
  1. Market Trends by Occasion
  2. Market Trends by Channel
  3. Market Trends by Item
  1. Noteworthy Topics, Trends
  1. Response to delivery fee is at the crossroad
  2. Expansion of tendency toward abolishment of hollow formalities
  3. More importance on whom the gift is provided to
  4. Increasingly wider acceptance of social gifts
  5. Acceleration of industrial reorganization

II   Gift Market Trends by Occasion

  1. Personal Gifts (Formal)
  1. Celebration for wedding/Wedding ceremony presents from the newly weds
  2. Congratulation of /Celebration for the birth of a baby
  3. Funeral gifts
  1. Personal Gifts (Informal)
  1. Valentines' Day
  2. Father's Day, Mother's Day, Respect-for-the-Aged Day
  3. Presents/gifts to give when visiting someone
  1. Corporate Gifts
  2. Mid-Year Presents, Year-End Presents

III    Gift Market Trends by Channel

  1. Department Stores
  2. GMS
  3. Supermarkets (SM)
  4. Specialty Stores
  1. Gift specialty stores
  2. Fancy goods stores
  3. Flower shops
  4. Household appliance general merchandising store
  5. Body care goods stores
  6. Book shops/Stationery stores
  7. Shoes shops
  8. Furniture shops
  1. Mail-Order/Online Shopping
  2. Social Gifts
  3. Others

IV   Gift Market Trends by Item

  1. Foods
  2. Flowers
  3. Fancy Goods
  4. Gift Certificates, Gift Cards
  5. Catalog Gifts
  6. Experiencing Gifts

V   Case Studies of Leading Companies

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150,000 yen ($1,379.18)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.76 yen , 2019/12/11 Japan)