Cosmetic Industry 2018

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110,000 yen ($1,011.40)(excluding consumption tax)
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Cosmetic Industry

Research Target:

cosmetic brand makers, business cosmetic makers, cosmetic raw materials makers/traders, cosmetic container makers, cosmetic wholesalers, and cosmetic retailers

Research Content:

I   Cosmetic Market Overview

  1. Japanese Cosmetic Market in FY2017
  2. Future Direction and Prospects of Cosmetic Market
  3. Noteworthy Trends in Cosmetic Market
  4. Strategy Analysis of Cosmetic Manufacturers
  5. Trend of Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing Market
  6. Trend of Cosmetic Raw Materials Market
  7. Trend of Cosmetic Containers Market
  8. Trend of Cosmetic Wholesaling
  9. Sales Trend of Cosmetics at Drugstores
  10. Cosmetics-Related Market Trends

II   Market Trend Analysis by Product Category

  1. Cosmetic Market by Product Category
  2. Skin-Care Market
  3. Make-Up Market
  4. Hair-Care Market
  5. Fragrance Market
  6. Men's Cosmetic Market

III   Market Trend by Sales Channel

  1. Market by Sales Channel
  2. Price-Maintained Merchandise
  3. Open Distribution Merchandise            
  4. Door-to-Door Sales Merchandise
  5. Mail-Order Sales Merchandise
  6. Direct Sales Merchandise
  7. Business-Use Merchandise (Merchandise through Beauty Parlors and Barbers)
  8. Noteworthy Channel (Department Stores) and Transition of Market Size (FY2013-FY2017)

IV   Marketing Strategies by Leading Enterprises

  • Cosmetic Wholesalers: 4 enterprises
  • Cosmetic Retailers: 12 enterprises
  • Cosmetic Brand Makers: 46 enterprises
  • Business Use Cosmetic Makers: 3 enterprises
  • Cosmetic Contract Manufacturers 3 enterprises
  • Cosmetic Raw Materials Makers/Traders: 3 enterprises

V   Analysis regarding Basic Statistics and Data of Cosmetics

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110,000 yen ($1,011.40)(excluding consumption tax)
* Equivalent value in US$ (Today's rate : $1= 108.76 yen , 2019/12/11 Japan)